The Six Items Challenge Experience

Six items of clothing for six weeks. The challenge posed is simple enough. The purpose, however, is much more complex. I recently completed the Six Items Challenge, outfitted with only six pieces of American made clothing for a month and a half. The effort was intended to raise awareness of our dependence on the fast fashion industry and its affect on garment workers. Though initially daunting, the challenge proved to be easier and more interesting than I imagined.

Admittedly I am not the most fashionable woman. I still wear some of the same pieces of clothing from high school. I fail at accessorizing. I wear flip-flops year-round.  I tend to stick with classic pieces I can wear year after year, splurging with an occasional article of clothing made in USA and some thrift store purchases. So naturally I thought the Six Items Challenge I adapted for the USA would be relatively simple.

The Six Items Challenge Made in USA Challenge

 For my Six Items Challenge capsule wardrobe, I choose the following American made articles of clothing: my favorite Weston Wear dress, a Sun n Moon charcoal grey skirt, True Religion jeans, a Green Dragon sweater wrap, a Splendid long sleeved shirt (need to keep something pink in my outfits!), and a basic white American Apparel t-shirt.

The most annoying thing about the challenge was that the timing coincided with the changing of seasons. I’m pretty resigned to boring outfits all winter for the sake of warmness, but once the weather warms up, I live in cute skirts and sun dresses. Consequently, I ended up wearing the dress quite a bit.

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