An American Classic Returns: Milkman Lowfat Dry Milk Made in Wisconsin is Back!

Anytime a former American made product returns to the market it’s a sure sign of progress. For a classic like Milkman low fat powdered milk, the return has been a cause for celebration by its many devoted fans.


Milkman is the only cream-containing low fat powdered milk in the US and is made locally in Wisconsin. Once available throughout the country, Milkman stopped production in 2011. In the following years, consumers voiced their outcry over the loss of the product. In response, Milkman has recently made their product available online. The product is the same as you remember it, complete with the original, now vintage, packaging.

milkman packet

Milkman powdered milk has become a staple of outdoor enthusiasts, bakers, and health conscious consumers. The product offers all the benefits of milk in a convenient form that can be used anywhere. One 3.44 ounce packet yield a quart of milk.

The packets are also ideal for emergency preparations. The offer a source of nutritious milk that is shelf stable for up to two years.

Milkman instant dry milk is also perfect for recipes. The buzz on the web is that is makes the most divine hot chocolate!

Milkman is low fat and high in protein with a natural flavor. The “kiss of cream” is the inclusion of a small amount of milkfat, which sets the product apart from other dry milks on the market.  Milkman is also phasing out any genetically modified ingredients so beginning this month, the product will be entirely GMO free. Read more…

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