Dyer and Jenkins Jeans and T-shirt Giveaway

One pair of fitting jeans and a few t-shirts can be a complete wardrobe half the year. But finding the perfect pair isn’t easy. Dyer & Jenkins, a California clothing company, have created a unique line of jeans that aims to capture American style.

The Dyer & Jenkins clothing line is designed, developed and produced entirely within Los Angeles. The founders, Josey Orr and Paul Matthew, borrowed the brand name from a scene in the Clint Eastwood film “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” The sturdy construction of their clothes harkens back to that earlier era. David received a pair of their jeans and classic white-t shirt to review.

t shirt

Dyer & Jenkins produces a full line of organic crewnecks and a classic white t-shirt. The tee is extremely affordable, priced at $15. Less expensive than a shirt from the mall, this tee is surprisingly soft and well fitting, meaning not tight but not annoyingly wide.

jenkins jeans

The Dyer & Jenkins jeans are the highlight of their clothing line. These pants are made with a heavy denim that just feels sturdier than any other pair of blue jeans I’ve owned. But while the cloth feels stronger, it is also soft like a premium material should feel. These jeans come in a dark, clean, even color wash instead of a gimmicky look. The front pockets are deep, ideal for someone like myself who carries their wallet in the front. The stitching includes nice details that let you know these are well made. My pair, a “Jenkins Lot No. 003,” are the slimmer legged style but aren’t “slim leg” in the fitted style currently in fashion.

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