Thanksgiving Roundup – 9 Nature-Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, reminiscing, family, friends, and food (a lot of food), and what better way to give thanks than to make your table absolutely stunning with these nature-inspired Thanksgiving tablescapes. I’ve always been a sucker for pulling in natural elements. Not only does this seem like an easier (and quicker) decorating option, but it always seems a little more like an authentic Thanksgiving.

My family switches where we celebrate Thanksgiving (either with my family or my husband’s family) so I have yet to host a big Thanksgiving dinner. But I wanted to share some dreamy nature-inspired Thanksgiving tablescapes that I hope to pull off when I host my first big feast. We’ve included some of the accent pieces, all of which are made in America

Elegant and Rustic Nature-Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape

1. Elegant and Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape

This is just stunning, isn’t it? A true mix of elegance with pops of fall color and luxurious linens. The mix of glitter and wood makes this nature-inspired Thanksgiving tablescape an incredibly combination of rustic nature and elegance. And we love the earthy reclaimed wooden accents!

We suggest adding these American made options to your Thanksgiving table:

Wooden Salad Servers from New Hampshire Bowl & Board

Wine Barrel Stave Bread Bowl

Picture from Tasteful Tatters


A Colorful Nature-Inspired Thanksgiving Tablescape

2. A Colorful Thanksgiving Tablescape With rich fall colors like these, anyone who sits at your table is bound to feel cozy and ready to eat! This tablescape is fit for a the individual who truly loves bringing in pieces of nature with a nearly 100% floral tablescape. But this nature-inspired Thanksgiving tablescape isn’t just flowers, it’s accented with beautiful white pillar candles and rustic cutting boards.

We suggest adding these American made options to your Thanksgiving table:

Maple Herringbone Cutting Board from Richwood Creations with aftcra

Baguette Cutting Boat from Minam

Picture from Apartment 34 

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