The Power of Social Media in Reshaping Brand Production

The following is a look at the amplified influence of the consumer using the power of social media. Lexie from Indie Source, a manufacturer and marketer of American made clothing, has proposed an exercise for us to grab the attention of major apparel brands using Facebook.

Two days ago, online shopping turned twenty years old. So, If online shopping were a demographic, it would be a Millennial. While I’m still trying to stomach that comparison and feeling very old in the process; it also feels like a triumph.

For twenty years, we have been able to fully educate ourselves about the brands we’ve always known and identified with, while at the same time being ever-exposed to new products choices and platforms to shop on. This huge shift in limitless options ultimately puts us as the consumer at the advantage over the brands we buy.

indie source

Unlike pre-internet era, if a brand disappoints us or one day we discover their practices are unethical, we don’t have to settle. With such accessible and low-cost options, the big brands we love have to change and adapt to what WE want to stay relevant and survive such a saturated market. There is no longer just a top-down fashion cycle, or a one-sided conversation. The internet has given us the voice to change our environment, our options, and our brands. Read more…

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