Burberry: Are they fur real?

An iconic British designer label, Burberry is known for trench coats, scarvesm and bags, all in their signature beige plaid print. There is another thing Burberry has built a reputation for, and that is animal cruelty. Beige plaid might be ugly, but killing an animal to wear its fur is just hideous. Burberry has also caused an uproar in their homeland by closing, or as they called it, “relocating” their factory from Wales to China.

Item Found: None. Nothing I looked at in the store was made in the UK, but some trench coats available online are.

Knowledge of staff: Fair, was given information that trenches are still made in England. Spoke with corporate office and confirmed that their “Heritage Rainwear” line is still made in the UK.

Corporate info: Immediately after announcing a 19% increase in sales in 2007, Burberry also announced they were shutting down a historic factory in Wales and moving production to China to cut costs. A “Keep Burberry British” campaign to save these factory jobs inspired global protests but was ultimately unsuccessful. The corporate responsibility page as of 2010 does report that a majority of Burberry’s merchandise is still made in Europe.

Burberry has been unwavering in their insistence on using real fur in their products.In response to the massive boycott of their brand they issued a response stating “Burberry believes that any materials sourced from animals should be produced without inflicting cruelty or threatening the environment. We will not use natural hides if there is any concern that they have been produced with any disregard for animal welfare. For this reason we do not source such materials from China.” I’m not sure how Burberry thinks the fur is obtained, but it surely isn’t ethical. There is a graphic PETA website called “Bloody Burberry” that details the process with horrifying pictures if you so choose to view it.

Overall: Outsourcing production to China in nothing new. But just about every top designer has opted for a fur-free policy. Not only is fur inhumane, it’s also tacky and incredibly ugly. Fake is better, but really why are you wearing something that looks like it’s been ripped off a skinned animal? Seriously, you look like a white-trash pimp, even if you dropped eight grand on your Burberry coat. Check out the Humane Society’s list of fur-free fashion choices. Every store I’ve covered to date is listed, except now Burberry. Do yourself and the animals (not to mention your wallet) a favor and stay away from Burberry.

How do you feel about fur? What do you think about companies that choose to use it?