Nylabone Dog Products Made in America

Our dogs have always been a part of the family. The travel with us, they sleep with us, and I’ve been accused more than once of spoiling them. Unlike kids, dogs don’t have to grow up to become responsible citizens, so what’s the harm? Sure, we’ve had issues with Ezra, our loyal but grumpy chihuahua mix growling and barking at strangers, and with Milo, our lovable but confused beagle mix destroying household objects with his aggressive chewing. But in return, our dogs have given us unconditional love and companionship.

I’ve talked about the major recalls of toys made in China that were a major inspiration in my challenge to find American made products. Around this same time, you might remember hearing about a massive pet food recall after pets around the country became sickened. The culprit was found to be melamine contamination of wheat gluten in millions of bags of pet food. The source was a manufacturer in China that was illegally adding the melamine, typically used as in plastics and fertilizer, to the food to increase it’s protein content inexpensively. When it comes to our beloved pets, why take the chance with imported treats?

“What do you mean I have to share?”

If you have a dog, you undoubtedly already know the Nylabone brand, and probably own at least one of their nylon chewing toys or edible treats. What you probably didn’t know is that nearly all of Nylabone’s products are made in the USA (look for the flag-waving lab on the packaging). I was thrilled to receive a gift bag of American made Nylabone products for Ezra and Milo to enjoy.

The DuraChew bones, built with textured nubs designed for powerful chewers, were an instant favorite for Milo. He also loved the Dental Chews, which come in fun dinosaur shapes! They are designed to help fight tartar and bad breath, something both my guys are in desperate need of! Ezzy favored the NutriDent edible chews. They both loved the treats, which come in flavors like Pomegranate and Cranberry…yum! The wishbone shaped treat was perfect for them to play together, each grabbing an end for some tug-of-war fun.

I was impressed by the durability of the Nylabones. Milo usually destroys toys so quickly it’s not even worth buying them. And his destruction isn’t limited to toys. Other items that have fallen victim to his insatiable need to chew include a cell phone, a remote, multiple pairs of shoes, several baby toys, books, frames… pretty much anything he can get his mouth on.  The Nylabones showed lots of teeth markings, but minimal damage after a week of intensive gnawing.


I’m genuinley impressed that this major, well-known and respected brand manufactures their pet products in the US. Nylabone saw the demand for safe products that owners could trust and targeted this group of devoted “pet parents.” The company also provides their products to animal rescues and shelters. As the owner of two rescue pups and a former dog foster parent, this means a lot to me. Nylabone is offering a lucky reader one of these amazing prize packs comprised of $50 worth of dog treats and toys!

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