Top 5 Places to Find American Made Products

You already know my  top five reasons why I buy American made . But often it seems hard to find needed products that are made in USA. Luckily, the “Made in America Movement” has propelled the issue into the public spotlight, making it easier than ever to find these goods. Here is a list of five easy ways you can find products made in America, many in places you probably already shop.


Five Places to Shop for Made in USA

One: The Internet

The web is probably the most popular tool for finding products made in America! The web and in particular social media have made it easier than ever to find just about anything you are in search of, including American made products. The Made in America Master List is a continually growing resource for finding made in USA products and companies online.

made in america marketplace Etsy continues to be the most popular venue for shopping everything handmade online. Their search filter gives you the option to search for products local to your location.  Some popular retailers like Naturals have designated sections on their sites listing exclusively American made products. Online specialty shops carrying only products made in USA exist as well. Best American Arts carries only goods handcrafted by American artisans. Most stores have search functions where you can use keywords like  “made in USA ” or “made in america” to seek out these products, but this is not always reliable.

Two: Local Markets

One of the most fun ways to shop for goods made in America is by visiting local craft fairs and farmer’s markets . In addition to buying locally grown foods, our farmer’s market carries soaps, candles, clothing and other handmade products made in the area. In the Philadelphia area, we have The Clover Market , a treasure trove of vintage art, antiques and crafts handmade by local artists. It’s fun to stroll through the market checking out gems like art prints, funky jewelry and up-cycled home decor. We round out the day with a visit to Milk Boy, the local independent coffee shop and some playtime at one of the local parks, making for the perfect Sunday afternoon. Most locales have similar markets of some sort. In D.C.. the Eastern Market is a historic year-round flea market in Capital Hill.

Three: Small Businesses

Shopping at small independent brick-and-mortar shops in your town not only supports the local community, it can also be a great source of American made products. Many independent stores focus on quality, often domestically produced items over mass-produced alternatives found in the big box stores. These shops also often carry and feature goods made by local residents. Our shopping district in town has a gift shop featuring handcrafted items made in PA, and our local independent bookstore has a section of books written by local authors. When you purchase goods made closer to home, a larger percentage of profits are reinvesting in the community they are sold in.

Four: Thrift Shops

I have been shocked by the amount of products made in America that I’ve found in local thrift shops , Goodwill and consignment sales. I started shopping the local thrift shops before Christmas when I needed to stock up on baskets, tins and jars for homemade gifts. The nifty treasures and quirky finds have kept me coming back regularly. I suggest thrifting as a great way to not only reduce waste by buying used , and also to find American made products at a fraction of the cost. Purchases made at thrift shops often support charitable organizations as well. Other ways to scope out some used merchandise for American made products are yard sales, and local classifieds like Craigslist.

Five: Chain Stores

If you take a little extra time to check the tags on products, you might be surprised at the amount of goods made in USA available in everyday mall retailers . Many of the stores in the King of Prussia Mall that I’ve visited have turned up American made options, sometimes right next to their imported counterparts. These items are not typically specially designated as made in USA, but as consumer demand for locally made products is increasing, I expect to see more special sections and areas of stores featuring their merchandise made in America.

Where have you found products made in USA? What resources do you use to find them? What are some of your favorite shops carrying products made in America ?