A New Year’s Resolution – Buy Made in USA

Most New Year’s Resolutions are about personal sacrifice or going without. This New Year, I offer America a resolution you can feel good about – buying made in USA. As your guide, I will show you how buying locally made products can be done, and how it can change your life.

When I began my challenge to find and buy American made goods in 2011, I originally saw my quest in terms of what I had to give up. But almost two years later what started as an experiment in consumerism has turned into a lifestyle change. Buying made in USA has made my experiences as a consumer and citizen more meaningful and positive. I invite you to join me in my “Made in USA Challenge” as your New Year’s Resolution.

Made in USA Challenge New Years Resolution

Like any resolution, making the shift to buying all or mostly American made goods can seem overwhelming. I offer the following tips for resolving to buy made in USA.

  • Take an inventory of the products you use most in your own home. Find out where they are made, then research potential alternatives.
  • Start checking labels in shops you already frequent. Take the extra ten seconds to see where a product was manufactured.
  • Start asking stores, calling companies and reaching out to brands via social media to ask where their factories are located and let them know what the answer is important to you as a consumer.
  • Look for resources in your local community. “Shopping small” in local, independently owned shops in your town may reveal hidden gems of locally made goods. As a bonus, the money you spend there will be re-invested in your own community.
  • For hard to find items, use resources on the internet to search and research American made options. The Made in America Master List is a good place to begin your search. You can also search the blog for product or brand suggestions featured over the past year and a half.
  • Let friends and family know about your resolution to buy goods made in USA. Share with others your reasons for buying made in USA, and encourage them to learn more about the issue. Inspire others to take action without judging or criticizing their own consumer habits.

If you can commit to trying to buy American made as much as you can for one year, you might find it becomes a way of life. Stick with me and I’ll show you how easy, fun and fulfilling it can be to buy locally made in USA goods.