Loggerhead Apparel American Made Polo Shirts

Loggerhead Apparel is a clothing company spearheading the movement to revive the apparel industry in the USA. Committed to both manufacturing and the environment, they are involved in a campaign to save the Loggerhead Sea Turtle native to their South Carolina beaches. They features polo shirts, T-shirts and accessories for men, women and children, all made in the USA from American-grown pima cotton. Every purchase helps support preservation efforts.

Christmas Loggerhead TurtleLast year I got to try a Loggerhead Apparel polo shirt and appreciated it’s classic preppy look and tailored fit. This year they sent a men’s polo for my husband David to try. We are happy to have partnered with Loggerhead Apparel once again to bring you another American Made Holiday giveaway – this year of a Holiday gift pack worth $100 including a Bellwether 360 Polo, Tee Shirt, Croakies and a Koozie!

Here’s what David thought about his new polo, the Bellweather360 in “Sullivan’s Seaglass.”

Loggerhead Apparel Polo In seaglass

“My shirt is brightly colored with a slightly relaxed fit. Loggerhead polos are high quality, well stitched, and well proportioned. They look relaxed but refined, and would be perfect for a casual Friday at the office. Personally as I sit waiting for winter, I can’t wait to pair this shirt with a bathing suit and hit the pool. Loggerhead polos come in other bright colors as well as a muted blue and classic white. To me, the most important aspect of this shirt is that it’s produced with American Manufacturing.”


 Loggerhead Apparel American Made Holiday Gift Giveaway

One lucky made in USA challenge reader will win a Holiday gift pack from Loggerhead Apparel! The products will be provided in the style, color and size of the winner’s choice.

This giveaway has ended. Be sure to check out the current made in USA giveaways.


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