Products Made in USA with Bamboo

Bamboo is renowned as a green material used to make a multitude of products. Bamboo can be used to create everything from clothing, housewares, paper and even bio fuels. This wonder plant is as sustainable as it is flexible and can be grown in many climates, included much of the USA. It is an incredibly fast growing crop, requires little water and no pesticides. Additionally, bamboo filters soil and  sequesters more CO2 than trees.


Made in USA with Bamboo


A Bamboo Project recently guest posted about their initiative to cultivate a bamboo industry in the USA. Their Indiegogo campaign is raising funds to create a flourishing bamboo American bamboo industry, providing not only eco-friendly products but American jobs.  To demonstrate all the lovely things that can be made from bamboo right here in the USA, I’ve put together this collection. Check out some of my favorite products made in USA with bamboo!

Green Tree T Shirt Made in USA

Green Tree Bamboo T-Shirt, made in USA, $28.

Bamboo Sunglasses Made in USA

Bamboo sunglasses handcrafted in the USA from bamboo. $99.


Convertible Bamboo wrap, made in USA, $158.

Sparrow Clock Made in USA

Sparrow bamboo clock handmade in USA, $84.

Jersey Scarf made of bamboo and organic cotton, made in USA, $12.

Bird and Branch Bamboo Necklace hand crafted in USA, $39.99

Baby Cub Tee made in USA from a mix of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton, $17.

Priya Circle Skirt made from organic bamboo in USA, $46.

Owl Bamboo Mobile, handcrafted in USA, $56.

Do you support growing a bamboo industry in USA? Do you have any favorite bamboo-sourced products? What do you think is the best attribute of bamboo?