5 Ways Buying American Made Helps the Environment

How to be Green by Buying Red, White and Blue

Buy made in USA to go Green

One of my greatest motivators for adopting a buy local lifestyle is to protect the environment. The United States remains the world’s top emitter of CO2 gas. That means our country bares the most responsibility for contributing to pollution and global warming worldwide. Therefore, it should be our responsibility also to lead the movement for change. What better time than Earth Day?

lessons from the Lorax for Earth DayOne of the easiest ways consumers can go green is to buy local. The economic advantages of buying products made in the USA are quite obvious, yet the environmental impact is equally substantial. To commemorate Earth Day, here are five reasons buying American made helps the environment. This Sunday, consider buying red, white and blue to go green for Earth Day!

One: Smaller carbon foot print

Adopting a “buy local” lifestyle has many benefits.. Buying a locally made product means the item is shipped a shorter distance. This uses less energy in the form of fossil fuels and decreases the amount of emissions generated. Less transport also means a product requires less packaging.

Two: Greater environmental regulations

Products made in the USA are made under enforceable regulations that protect our water, air and land. When we outsource our manufacturing overseas, we are outsourcing our pollution as well.

Three: Safer products

Toxins like lead and chromium, commonly found in household goods, not only threaten our health, they contaminate our environment. American made products are subject to stricter testing regulations.

Four: Less waste

Spending money on more quality, durable products saves waste compared to buying disposable products that need to be replaced frequently. Buying American made can save you money in the long run.

Five: Investment in a greener future

Buying sustainably produced American made products helps support a growing employment sector: green technology. This  includes products and services used for pollution control, waste management, recycling, and clean renewable energy sourcing.

What would you add to the list? What steps do you take to protect the environment? Do you think the US is a leader in the green movement, and what can we do to improve? Happy Earth Day!


  1. pierPaolo says

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  2. says

    Another great post Sarah… We love buying at yard sales. I also love “hand-me-downs” for myself and my kids. My parents have a great big garden and my mom cans and freezes a lot of veggies. We go up in the summer to help her as much as possible. She is so sweet to pass part of the harvest onto us too! We strive to be as self-sufficient as possible. Thanks for coming Sightseeing with us!
    Victoria recently posted..Everyday Action Plan

    • Sarah says

      I have been hitting the yard sales this season too. I love buying used for the environmental benefits, but I have been thrilled to find so many American made items available at tremendous deals! So it’s a double score!
      Your parent’s garden sounds like a wonderful way to teach your children about self-sufficiency while enjoying time together as a family. I hope to do something similar when we own a home!

  3. says

    I would add to at local nonchain restaurants. A number of chains do not get their produce or meat locally it is often shipped from one or more e=central location. Local mom/pop places have excellent food and most of their produce is from local growers.

    • Sarah says

      Michael, I love when you share all the Mom and Pop shops and restaurants you have been discovering! I have always found it’s a more pleasant experience dining at independent restaurants versus the big chain restaurants. Great point that the food they use is shipped from the places it’s grown much farther away. We have a local restaurant here in PA that uses produce from a local farm and the food is so fresh.

  4. says

    This is fantastic. I always try to buy local (well…as much as possible) and whenever I review products, I point out if they’re locally made, but after awhile I kind of forgot why it was so important. This is a good reminder. I will refer to this page in the future. Thank you!
    Azizah A. (@GourmetPens) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

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