Election Day is Coming, Register Now to Vote!

Voter turnout is notoriously low in America, but I was shocked to read this morning that over half of all American ages 18-29 are not even registered to vote. Many young American in particular do not feel that their vote can make a difference. But with a increasingly diverse demographic of over 44 million eligible voters, this segment of young Americans has the opportunity to make an enormous impact on election day.


Young Americans are not the only demographic in America with poor voter turnout. In fact, in the 2008 general election only 61% of eligible citizens voted. Most embarrassing of all, the US currently ranks 138th out of 172 countries in voter turnout rate.

Made in China Don't Vote

Voting in America is a privilege, a right and a duty. To make your voice heard it is essential that you participate in the democratic process and cast your vote on Election day. Let’s show our elected officials we are invested in the well being of our nation and will be holding them accountable for their promises.

Women Wait for the Right to Vote

Regardless of your age or political affiliation, I urge you to take ten minutes to register to vote. Our right to vote has been earned for all of us through the struggles and sacrifices of those that came before us. Take action to shape our nation’s future and make sure you are ready to vote this election day.

Rock the Vote

With the election just 5 weeks away, time is running out to register to vote. Make sure you register by Tuesday, October 9th to ensure you can vote in the election on Tuesday, November 6th. By clicking on the widget from Rock the Vote below you can sign-up from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

I hope this election day we can come together as a nation and exercise our rights and produce a record breaking voter turnout! Are you registered to vote? Have you reached out to encourage others to register to vote?


  1. Audrey says

    I am a political junkie and have voted in every national election (and most gubernatorial races) since I was old enough to cast a ballot. I understand that our country is so big that many people feel like their single vote may not change things. And frankly, depending on where you live, that may be true. But it is still such a privilege to have the ability to cast a vote in this country and it’s important for everyone to have input on who leads our government.

  2. says

    I get so irritated by those who whine and complain about how “so and so” didn’t win, or the wrong person won, etc etc, only to find out they never voted in the election. In my opinion, if you didn’t vote, you have NO RIGHT to complain about your current government leaders. It is very irritating when they say, “well, why should I vote? my ONE vote won’t make a difference”. but really if everyone thought that, then no one would vote. No one would win. EVERY single vote counts. You never know when your ONE vote could be the deciding factor in an election.
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  3. says

    I get so depressed about how so many of our citizens just don’t seem to care, or have the audacity to complain about things without any effort to change things. This is a great reminder and one that is so, so important.

  4. says

    It is really disheartening to learn just how few eligible voters are actually registered, especially young people. They should feel excited about the possibility, although in many ways I don’t think our current political climate helps things at all.

    I am registered and always vote. I have spent years working on getting others to register and hope that all of the steps they are making with technology to make it so easy to do we will start to see more register. It’s ridiculous.

  5. says

    As a UK citizen who recently went off at several people about just how important the US elections are, and should be, to the rest of the world and to women in particular, thank you for this blog post. Get registered and get voting!


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