Five Ways You can Help Support the Made in America Movement

Most Americans unanimously favor buying and supporting goods made in USA for many important reasons.  Buying items made in USA strengthens our economy, protects our environmental standards and minimizes our exploitation of workers in third world countries. There are several ways we as consumers and citizens can act to support the made in America movement.

5 Ways to Support the Made in America Movement

One: Buy Products Made in America

Using our power as consumers to select products made in USA is the most obvious and effective way to support the Made in America movement. Consumer spending is responsible for 70% of our nation’s economy, so the decisions we make on which items to purchase have an enormous impact. Ever dollar we spend is a vote in favor of the way that product was made. If we can shift our thinking and spend a little more for a high-quality, locally made product, we will create a demand for products to be manufactured in America.


Two: Ask for Made in America

Honor Labor- Buy Made in USA When I visit a shop, I first attempt to find products made in America on my own by checking labels. If I am unable to find any options made in USA, I will ask the store associate for assistance. Often I will end up chatting with the manager about the shop’s sourcing and merchandise selection choices. The more we voice our concern and express our desire to purchase products made in America, the more demand we create for this option. The next time you are shopping for something, ask where the products are made, and how that decision was made. If you have favorite products or companies that are not manufacturing in the USA, reach out to them to express your concerns. Start a conversation about the issue and eventually we will create a national dialogue.


Three: Research Your Purchases

Do your research to find the product you need made in USA. You may have to do a little extra work, but the investment is  well worth your time. There are many places to find products made in America. The internet is among the easiest and most convenient, with new resources and specialty shops catering to the Made in America movement popping up on a daily basis. Most sites offer a search feature where you can use keywords like “made in USA”, while other shops will feature American made products in a special section of the site. I use resources like to research all the issues behind a specific product or company before making a purchase. Any I’m always here to help you find what you need made in USA!


Four: Support American Manufacturing

Buy What We Make

Supporting our manufacturing sector is a fundamental part of the solution to helping the Made in America movement grow. To make products in the USA again, we need to build a workforce of highly skilled workers. We need to support educational initiatives like scholarships and internship programs to help train interested students for a career in manufacturing. Support organizations like the Alliance for American manufacturing and American Made Matters that are working to rebuild our manufacturing base through education and awareness. If we can correct the notion that manufacturing jobs are inferior, we will encourage a new generation of Americans making a living through skilled work.


Five: Encourage Others to Get Involved

Spread the word about the growing movement to buy products made in America. Let your friends and family know why buying made in USA is important to you, and encourage them to learn more about the issue. The key here is to inspire others to make change without criticizing them for their own consumer habits. We can all make a difference by contributing in our own way. According to ABC News, if every American spent just  $3.33 on products made in USA it would create nearly 10,000 new American jobs. Every purchase counts!

How are you supporting “Made in USA”? What do you think is the most important thing consumers can do to help revive American manufacturing?