Free Printable Made in USA Holiday Gift Tags

I would like to welcome all my new readers who have joined from the Made in America Holiday Challenge. I have been so touched by the response by everyone taking the pledge and the shares taking place on Facebook. The pledges being left are so inspiring to me in my own quest to find, buy and support goods made in America. I thought I would share a few of my favorites, and a little treat for everyone – free printable holiday gift tags!

Feel free to download, print and use these gift tags to give made in USA Holiday gifts with pride! If you are looking for some made in USA gift ideas, don’t forget to check out the American Made Holiday Gift Guide! Finally, to make sure you stay updated on everything at made in usa challenge, be sure to subscribe.

American Made Holiday Gift Tag

Click to download a sheet of the printable gift tags.

Check out some of the pledges being made by made in usa challenge readers! Many people have pledged to spend more, including many committing to buy only American made gifts this year! Be sure to take the pledge yourself by leaving a comment on the Made in America Holiday Challenge post. This will also entitle you to extra bonus entries on each of the weekly American Made Holiday Gift giveaways.

Gina F.:

“What a great idea. $64 is such a small amount to commit to, yet will make a big impact. I pledge!”

Maggie from Maggie’s Market:

“I pledge to spend at least $64 on products made in America…this is important to me because this is my country, my husband, brother, friends, and family all fight for our freedom so this is another way we can fight for our country and support it…I already buy made in America cloth diapers and am looking at etsy as my biggest place to get gifts for my boys…”


“As a fiber artist, I always stress to make my gifts handmade whether it be myself or supporting other artisans! Sometimes buying US made can be really difficult but it is possible. Buying US made is a must in this day & age, we need to stay out of walmarts & spend our money locally so it is staying here to help us all! The town I live in is being over run with dollar stores & it makes me so sad!”


“I’ll join and pledge to spend at least that much, if not all, of my Christmas shopping dollars right here in America! We seem to all have too much “stuff” anyway — let’s all also give to those less fortunate that we are. What good examples to our children and grandchildren!”

Sally from Thankful Rose:

“I will wholeheartedly pledge to buy handmade. I value the time and love put into handcrafted items. This is nothing new to me. As an artist, I rely on people who appreciate handmade. I have shared this on my personal and business page. Thank you! ”


“Combine this with Small Business Saturday (Nov 24th, 2012) and you’ve got a two for one special way to help. ”

Beth from Far From Camelot:

“I plan to stay in downtown Bluffton, SC to do my holiday shopping! We are a town full of artisans and antiques and I would be proud to keep my money in my city!”

Gen from NJ:

“Trying to buy made in USA is not just a once a year thing for me. Its how I spend throughout the year. As a union member, I always try to find union made products made in USA and actively research particularly before making larger purchases for the availability of such items.”

What inspired you to take the Made in America Challenge? What is your favorite gift idea from the gift guide? Have you already bought any made in USA gifts?