Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Bath and Body Products

When your expecting, caring for your little one or nursing, choosing safe products you can trust is more important than ever. With major baby care brands like Johnson & Johnson being found to contain formaldehyde and other toxins, it’s time to take a closer look at the ingredients in the products we are putting on our body’s largest organ.

AnythinNo-Toxinsg applied to the skin is absorbed into the body, so I am very careful of the bath and body products I use for myself and my toddler in particular. When analyzing a body product, I consider several factors, including safety, ingredients, environmental impact, country of origin, ethics and certifications.

Earth Mama Angel Baby offers natural products for pregnancy, birth, baby care and breastfeeding. “Mama” is the company’s founder, Melinda Olson, a nurse, herbalist and Mom. She created the product formulations based on a philosophy that natural phases of our life should be treated with natural products.  I applied my usual rules for product research in evaluating Earth Mama Angel Baby products.


  • Safety – clinically tested for safety and allergies
  • Ingredients – free of toxins, no artificial ingredients, rated a perfect Zero on Skin Deep
  • Environmental impact – eco-friendly packaging is used, herbs harvested sustainably
  • Country of origin – all products are made in USA
  • Ethics –  made under American labor laws, contains no animal products (vegan) and not tested on animals
  • Certifications – certified organic, gluten free, kosher and cruelty free

Rarely do I find a product that meets all of the standards I consider. With my research completed, I was eager to try out Earth Mama Angel Baby’s products. I received the “A Little Something for Baby” gift set, containing travel sized Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, Baby Bottom Balm, Baby Lotion and Baby Oil.

My two-year old hates getting bathed. He loves splashing in the tub and playing with bath toys, but when it comes to actually getting him clean he is not a fan. So I was eager to try out another Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. The product comes in a pump foaming dispenser, so I tried squirting some directly into his open palm for him to use himself, much to his delight. I used the lotion after the bath of my son and myself, and was pleased with it’s light and soothing blend that left us smooth and relaxed. I wasn’t sure if I would have any use for the bottom balm as we are in the late stages of potty training, but found it to be perfect for all the mosquito bites and other “boo-boos” we deal with on a regular basis.  The baby oil is non-greasy and just right for a nice back rub.

I am officially a fan of Earth Mama Angel Baby. I love the security of knowing I’m using a product that’s pure and toxin-free and made in America. All of the products I sampled featured a light, natural scent that I recognized from my own use of essential oils. The Baby Essentials kit would make the perfect baby shower gift, or a great sampler pack for someone new to the brand. I look forward to continuing in use the body wash and shampoo and lotion in particular, and added the bottom balm to my first aid kit!

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