Green Gift Ideas Made in USA

Made in America Green Holiday Gifts

Products made in America have an inherent advantage in environmental conservation. Products made locally require less energy to ship shorter distances, require less packaging and are made under EPA restrictions. These are a few of my favorite green products from American companies that go above and beyond in their sustainability efforts. From using recycled products to using eco-friendly packaging, each is a gift that shows you care about our planet.


Green Holiday Gifts Made in USA


Green 3 Apparel Snowflake Shirt

Snowflake Shirt from Green 3 Apparel, $46. Made from certified organic cotton and printed with water-based inks and dyes.



Open Arms red scarf


Open Arms Red Scarf from Open Arms Shop, $43. Handmade by refugees in Austin, TX, from 100% recycled t-shirts.



Cangles Bangle

Cangles Bangle, $17.95. Handmade from a recycled lemonade can.


Upcycled Around Town Clock

Wall Clock from Upcycled Around Town, $50. Upcycled from a recycled mountain bike chain ring and reclaimed textiles.


Full Apron Made in USA


Full Apron from A Greener Kitchen, $36. Made from organic cotton cotton made by eco-friendly textile artisans.


Organic Dolls made in USA

Organic Doll from Pure Play Kids, $29.95. Handmade with organic cloth.


Hanging Owl Wood Calender

Hanging Owl Wood Calendar from Night Owl Paper Goods, $18. Made from sustainably forested wood.


Bamboo Necklace Made in USA

Bamboo Wood Pendant from Modern Artisans, $44.99. Handcrafted from bamboo.


Reed Diffuser Made in USA

Lavender Reed Diffuser from rosieMADE, $38. Contains organic lavender essential oil.


ginko skirt

Ginko Baloba Skirt from Hooked Productions, $48. Made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo.


Do you look for gifts that are eco-friendly? How do you define a “green” gift? Do you have any favorites?