Made in USA Packing List: Ten Travel Essentials

When it comes to travel, making a packing list can be a stressful experience. Staying in a strange hotel room without the conveniences of home is just outside of my comfort zone. With BlogHer ’12 less than a month away, I have started planning what to pack for my four days in New York City. I’ve read several recommendations from experienced bloggers attending the conference, and the overall message seems to be simplicity and comfort.

Made in USA packing list of travel essentials

Always looking for the made in America alternatives, I have compiled a packing list of travel essentials made in USA. Whether your travel plans are made around a conference like BlogHer, or your figuring out what to pack for a vacation with your family, these products will make your experience that less stressful.


One: A  Notebook

I assumed I would need to lug my laptop to the conference, but seasoned conference goers have advised leaving it at home in favor of the old fashioned paper and pen. Lots of walking is involved with a conference, and you want to be able to jot down notes quickly and easily.


Colorful Curls Journal made in USA

Colorful Curls Journal made in USA of sustainably harvested birch wood, $18.50.


Two: A Water Bottle

Conference days are long, cram packed with sessions, parties and meet-ups. You need to stay hydrated and you don’t want to grow your carbon footprint by going through bottled water. Pack a reusable aluminum water bottle and keep filling up!


Liberty Bottleworks Reusable Water Bottle Made in USA

Reusable Aluminum Water Bottle, made in USA $9.57.


Three: Hand Sanitizers/ Disinfectant Wipes

Even if you have given up using traditional hand sanitizers, there are natural ways to disinfect all of the foreign surfaces you will be coming across while traveling. This to-go pack fits in your pocket and kills germs naturally, without Tricolsan or other toxins.


Disinfectant Spray + Wipes To-Go Pack, all natural ingredients, made in USA, $7.99.


Four: Comfortable Shoes

BlogHer is in NYC this year, and that means lots and lots of walking, inside the conference and exploring the city. Make sure you remember to travel wearing something that is actually comfortable for the miles you will be clocking in, not to mention the dancing!

Madison slide sandals made in USA, $32.

Five: A Sweater/Layers

Conferences are notorious for being over-chilled. You might not have thought add a sweater to your packing list for during the dog days of summer, but consider how high the air conditioning may be cranked up in the hotel. This wrap is so versatile you can use it as a shawl to warm up, a skirt during the day, or convert to a dress for an evening of dancing.

Bamboo wrap, can be worn as a dress, skirt, shaw or top, made in USA, $158.


Six: Snacks and snack bags

With all the running around I am planning on doing during BlogHer, I am going to make sure I have a baggie of quick snacks ready to go. There is nothing worse than getting too busy to remember to eat and have your blood sugar crash. Ditch the plastic baggies and invest in one of the many options when it comes to reusables. They can also be used for packing other items, like pens, wipes or toiletries.

LunchSkins Reusable Snack Bags made in USA

Reusable Snack Bag, made in USA, $7.85.

Seven: A Comfortable Pillow

This might not be a necessity for everyone, but for me, a pillow is at the top of my packing list. A comfortable pillow that can help me get some decent sleep before each busy day is essential. They are also great for packing along if you plan on trying to sneak in a nap while you travel.


Organic Travel Pillow Made in USA

Organic Contour Travel Pillow, made in USA, $99.

Eight: Cosmetic Bag

I got this tip from a great post on packing for BlogHer at the Guavalicious Life. If you will be staying in a room with other ladies, you are going to have to fight for the bathroom. Keeping your hair and makeup products in a separate smaller cosmetic or travel bag will enable you to get ready for the day with the mirror in your room.

Train case cosmetic bag, made in USA, $65.

Nine: Cute PJs

If you have a roommate, please don’t forget to add pajamas to your pack list! And as Kate of the The Guavalicious Life points out, there will be lots of photos taken at all times of the day and night. Make sure you are wearing something you wont mind being seen anywhere on the internet!


Women's PJ Set Made in USA

Cotton two-piece PJ set, made in CA, $126.

Ten: A Versatile Travel Bag

Luckily I am sponsored by Tom Bihn, so I don’t need to worry about this one! For my trip to NYC, I will be using my Aeronaut for my travel bag and my Cafe Bag while attending the many conference sessions, parties and other events. Check them out for high quality travel, laptop and messenger bags that are incredibly versatile and packed with compartments to keep all your stuff organized. Having a top-notch travel bag will make packing that much easier.

The Aeronaut maximum carry-on travel bag, made in USA, $240.


What other travel essentials do you have on your packing list? Have you found anything made in USA that you are packing? How do you decide what to pack?