Take the Made in America Holiday Challenge!

The Holidays pose a particular challenge to the conscious consumer. Fighting crowds at the mall for last-minute gifts hardly reflects our intention to share something meaningful with someone we care for. Every purchase we make reflects our values, and what better time than the Holidays to make your gift buying count? Let’s make this year a Made in America Holiday!

made in america holiday challenge

Click here to download a PDF version of the above Made in America Holiday Challenge Flyer

The American Made Holiday Gift Guide 2012 is now live! Here you will find hand-picked gift ideas from companies and independent artisans that you can give with pride. The guide provides the conscious consumer with a place to find items that support our economy, protect the environment and give back to your community. Will you pledge to make it a Made in America Holiday?

Take the Made in America Holiday Challenge

The average American spends over $700 annually on holiday shopping. If just $64 of this was spent on gifts made in USA, the economic impact would equate to the creation of 200,000 American jobs [source]. So I challenge you to spend $64 on American made gifts. Take the pledge by leaving a comment below. The Holiday Guide will make the challenge easy and fun. Check back every week for a new giveaway of a made in USA holiday gift from some of the best American made companies. I hope you will join me in making this holiday season made in America!


American Made Holiday Gift  Guide Preview Collage

Ready to take the Made in America Holiday Challenge?  Be sure to pledge to take the Made in America Holiday Challenge to gain bonus entries in each of the weekly Holiday giveaways of items from the Gift Guide.


  1. says

    I’ll certainly do $64, if not more. I think it’s important to support local businesses and companies that don’t ship jobs overseas.

  2. Amanda Conrad says

    I pledge to spend 50% of my Christmas budget of $500 on Made in America gifts!

  3. Carolyn says

    Thanks for encouraging this Made in America Holiday Challenge with an American made holiday gift guide. I pledge to make this a “Made in America Christmas” by spending at least $64 on American made gifts.

  4. says

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the guide! I made this pledge last year, and am definitely planning to do it again this year.

  5. beth @ our front porch view says

    We are doing 90% homemade gifts this year but you just reminded me that the other 10% needs to be made in America!

    Thank you!

  6. says

    It was wonderful to hear you state that “every purchase we make reflects our values” because it is true! I hope more people deeply explore and consider what kind of world and values they are upholding through their actions. I feel confident that as more people practice critical thinking and explore the questions for themselves, the MIUSA movement will continue to grow and evolve.

  7. Gen from NJ says

    Trying to buy made in USA is not just a once a year thing for me. Its how I spend throughout the year. As a union member, I always try to find union made products made in USA and actively research particularly before making larger purchases for the availability of such items.

  8. Gina Fix says

    What a great idea. $64 is such a small amount to commit to, yet will make a big impact. I pledge!

  9. says

    I pledge to spend at least $64 on products made in America…this is important to me because this is my country, my husband, brother, friends, and family all fight for our freedom so this is another way we can fight for our country and support it…I already buy made in America cloth diapers and am looking at etsy as my biggest place to get gifts for my boys…
    Maggie recently posted..Longaberger: Wednesday 10/17/12 ONLY

  10. Erika Mays says

    This is a wonderful idea! My husband is a US Army Soldier and we are a very patriotic family.

    Im definitely a crafty woman and we plan on making gifts as well!

  11. Kat F. says

    I agree to this pledge and already make it a point to shop locally and buy products made in the USA. I will ask my family to accept this pledge too. Thank you for passing along this idea to all your readers.

  12. says

    I accept the challenge to spend $64 on American made gifts this holiday! and being that successfully completed the same challenge last year & being a bit competitive… I pledge to buy only american made gifts this year =)

  13. Sarah says

    This is a wonderful idea. I will definitely pledge to buy some American made gifts this year :) thank you for all the help!!! :)

  14. says

    I will do it. I have been doing it . I think about what every dollar I spend supports. With my own American made goods that only 1 pair of pants I have to sell.(64.95) I have a map in my office everytime I sell something overseas I put up a star. Thats money back in the American economy. We also make gifts buy from locals, read the labels .

  15. Angela says

    I’ll take this pledge. I love buying America. I wish more products were made in America.

  16. Melanie says

    Yes absolutly. I plan on making homemade items with made in the usa materials and shopping on etsy.

  17. Wendy says

    As a fiber artist, I always stress to make my gifts handmade whether it be myself or supporting other artisans! Sometimes buying US made can be really difficult but it is possible. Buying US made is a must in this day & age, we need to stay out of walmarts & spend our money locally so it is staying here to help us all! The town I live in is being over run with dollar stores & it makes me so sad :c( No one needs anything that they sell in there, it isn’t any cheaper then anywhere else, & I challenge anyone to find anything in those places that is US made. Its a sad state of affairs when people think they are saving money by spending their hard earned money in those places. Great challenge ~ hope it can make a difference this holiday season & go on for the rest of the year too!

    • Karen says

      I agree whole heartedly. My husband and I boycotted Walmart 3 months ago after seeing how they destroyed towns with local businesses and after we watched a video on how they treat their employees. I wish more people could see the long term benefits of shopping for “MADE IN AMERICA” This is our future….

  18. Denise N. says

    I am definitely taking the pledge. I try to shop local and look for American made items as much as possible, which isn’t easy. I love this idea and will spread the word to family and friends.

  19. Nicole says

    I love this challenge! I have been telling people for YEARS that if they keep buying that made in china crap that we will all be broke!

  20. Jan says

    I pledge to spend 64 dollars or less on Christmas this year. I plan to achieve this by making some gifts myself and only wrapping in recycled paper and bows.

  21. Sabrina m says

    I pledge being a military wife we need to keep our country going ! Lets bring some money home !!

  22. Kelsey W says

    I think this is important to help create a better economy for my kids someday! I pledge to spend $64 or more this christmas! Lots of neat local items around me to buy!

  23. Fiona N says

    I agree with everyone here that we need to produce, sale, buy, use and talk about more American made products to support our economy and local businesses. So I will try to spend $64 or more on American made gifts this Holiday season! I think whoever wins this great giveaway should be very proud because she/he is one of the supporters for US products!
    Thank You

  24. Melanie J says

    I take the pledge! I *will* spend at least $64 on American Made gifts this Christmas.

  25. says

    I love the idea of making this holiday season a Made in USA season! Such a great concept and may help the MIUSA movement continue its surging momentum.
    madeinusafan recently posted..Lucky

  26. tiffany ibarra says

    I accept! I would love to be able to buy locally from small businesses in my community.

  27. marcia heydorn says

    Very happy to accept this challenge & pledge to do @ least the $64.00 minimum.

  28. says

    I’m in! Pledging to purchase at least $100 in Made in USA products. So excited to shop the 2nd annual gift guide — great work, Sarah!

  29. says

    I will be trying to do 100% American gifts this holiday season! Of course, I’ll be making a large percentage of them myself, as well.

    Excellent idea though, thank you for this challenge/post!

  30. marlene arico says

    We already started & will continue! We went shopping for a new woodstove and we found one made in America, England’s stove works in VA, sold at home depot in vineland, NJ. While US stove company is made in china.
    I pledge at least 50% of my christmas gift buying will be made in the USA, I will try for 100%

  31. cathi doherty says

    I always try to buy American. I would like to encourage people to stop with all the Made In China toxic junk they put on their lawns & homes for holiday decorations that end up in the landfills.Make your own!

  32. cindylee monroe says

    Where can I get a copy of the graphic poster that I just saw on Facebook about spending $64 on USA made gifts and the impact that small sum would have? I soooo need a copy of that for the front window of my coffee bar & fabric shop!! My husband knits scarves & baby cocoons and I make small quilted items. That poster would be such a powerful reminder to shop local!! Thank you.

  33. Emma Whittington says

    All of my gifts will be made in America. I don’t spend anywhere close to $700.00! I will support local people in their crafts first!

  34. Kathleene & Joe Hirsch says

    I make mopst of my gifts and shop carefully when needing to purshase other items. Yes, I will take the Pledge.

  35. Guylene says

    I will do it! I have a small boutique i frequent that carries made in America items.

  36. Shelley says

    Combine this with Small Business Saturday (Nov 24th, 2012) and you’ve got a two for one special way to help. :)

  37. Mary Dailey says

    I am already doing my best to buy only American made products and so are many of my friends.

  38. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    Wow, I had no idea it would make that kind of impact. I will definitely take the pledge. In fact, I will shoot for way more than $64!

  39. Kate says

    I am definitely going to spend at least $100 in American made products for Christmas. I’ve also put products from the gift guide on my wishlist!

  40. says

    I make my own gifts using glass. Stained glass, fused glass or both. Last year my gifts were all handmade including a Blue Ridge Mountain panel for my brother. I purchase supplies and other items from Etsy artists when possible. Let’s support our own creativity!

  41. says

    I make many gifts and will buy as many things American made as I possibly can. Another idea is to buy American handmade items from shop owners on Etsy, Artfire and such. These are also American made products. Supporting the handmade community helps fuel our local and national economies.

  42. Karen says

    We MUST ALL pledge to this and get our jobs back in America. This is a crucial element at this time in history…..

  43. says

    As a metal artist who believes in the importance of handcrafting each element and strives only to purchase items that I cannot make myself from US suppliers, I am definitely taking the pledge! This is a phenomenal idea with results I can believe in and I sure hope it gets around. :-) I will be sharing with my facebook friends far and wide!

  44. says

    I will wholeheartedly pledge to buy handmade. I value the time and love put into handcrafted items. This is nothing new to me. As an artist, I rely on people who appreciate handmade. I have shared this on my personal and business page. Thank you! :)

  45. says

    We make killer upcyclear bicycle gear right in the center ( pretty close) the US: Boulder CO. Check us out and add us to the guide. We can offer a 20% of coupon at our site and our billboard art panniers are in 14 REI’s!

  46. Hope J says

    I take the pledge, $64 will be no problem. I will try to spend MOST of our Christmas budget on American Made items. We love to shop local for holiday gifts too!

  47. Cathy Champion says

    Question: I posted the link on my FB page and someone asked me where the data for the statement made was. I couldn’t find it on this site; how do I answer him?

  48. Barbara Januszewski says

    I always look to see where things are made, if NOT the USA than I don’t buy it.

  49. says

    YES! Even better to buy from local art shows and small independent businesses. That way we not only buy American made but support small businesses instead of huge corporations. Walmart is the worst, the ‘Made in China’ superstore. Linking this to my site about where to find American made products. Cheers!

  50. Becki says

    Heck ya I take on this pledge! I’ve already spent over $200 on USA made items for Christmas and will be spending more!!

  51. bill says

    Please let me know where you are getting these statistics from. I’d love to become more educated on this!

  52. Debi Beem says

    I will take the challenge! And I will support my local businesses….keeping our money in our local Sioux City area.

  53. Michelle says

    I am already doing this challenge for Christmas and birthday girls this whole year and it’s something more American’s need to do!!!!

  54. Karen says

    Trying hard to stay American. This site is a great source of interesting American made products – thanks.

  55. says

    Great idea! I can’t commit to all “buying American” because I’ve already made some purchases. But I am NOT shopping in any big box stores, sticking to small local retailers.

  56. says

    I don’t have much to spend for Christmas gifts but I will make buying Made in USA products my priority. I accept the challenge and I encourage others to do the same. I am promoting this challenge on Facebook and Pinterest.

  57. Nancy says

    I’ll join and pledge to spend at least that much, if not all, of my Christmas shopping dollars right here in America! We seem to all have too much “stuff” anyway — let’s all also give to those less fortunate that we are. What good examples to our children and grandchildren!

  58. Megan foryan says

    I’m in for the challenge. I love to get gifts for people that are from local companies. Thank you.

  59. Colleen Maurina says

    I pledge to spend at least $64 on American made products. This will make me be more careful to notice where items are made.

  60. Angela Henderson says

    I’ve already met this challenge and now I’m challenging myself to buy no less than 80% of my gifts from fellow US crafters/artisans/designers!

  61. Christine Kelsey says

    I accept the challenge! I will only buy made in USA and local items this holiday season!

  62. Amanda says

    Definitely! My husband & I try to buy most items made in the USA whenever we can, so I’m sure we’ll spend more than $64 on US items. Hopefully most/all of the gifts we buy will be made in the USA.

  63. Rob says

    Buy everyone Jack Daniels and american craft beer for christmas.

    Buy regionally protected items.

  64. Vena Jensen says

    I so love the concept of the MadeInUSA Holiday Challenge (I wish I had thought of it!) All of the products on my website are designed to help families and businesses “go green” and are made in the USA. I hope you will take a look around! http://www.claritygreen.com. Thanks MadeInUSAChallenge – this is really a wonderful site!

  65. Darla says

    I accept the pledge! I already have more than $100 in American-made items on my holiday shopping list.

  66. Lila Sullivan says

    Count me in! we try hard to deal with local merchants and artists here but I was really glad to see such a BIG list of Made in the USA merchants on line! I won’t be using it just for Christmas either. We need to make a concerted effort to buy what is made in America, of American material, by American hands. The world may try to ignore that we are still an extraordinary county, but we never can forget it!!

  67. says

    I am happy to take this challenge although I’m upping the amount to $100 minimum. It shouldn’t be a problem, as I already shop locally made for most items. Woo Hoo!!!

  68. Mary McFarlin says

    Wonderful way to help others and America!!! Greatest idea I’ve heard all year. I am totally taking the pledge and encouraging others to do likewise.

  69. gigi says

    I will take the challenge and pledge! I try to buy USA made items, but admit that when something catches my eye, I don’t pay attention….I will pledge to spend at least $64 on USA made gifts this holiday!

  70. Gail in S. FL. says

    OMG! I’m so excited to find this! I drive my friends crazy when shopping…ALWAYS looking for the Made in USA label, even in the newest “fashionable” low cost stores at the mall! ALL that stuff made you know where so the cost is so low! Well, I find them…mixed in with all the “Imports”. And I make a BIG deal of it!! (to the embarassment of my friends!)Can you imagine going to a local sports arena’s on site gift shop and finding T-Shirts made everywhere but USA?!! What?!! USA can’t make baseball team T-Shirts? I called over a manager, and yup, I found a small out of the way rack…T-Shirts with Made in USA label…they moved them out of the corner!! So buying Made in USA for the holidays is just a continuation! Happy Holidays!!

  71. Justin Dudkiewicz says

    I am totally doing this in 2012. I am buying Made in the USA and shopping at local businesses.

  72. says

    Shopping becomes a little bit more fun when looking for products made in the USA. On shop small Saturday, my daughter and I shopped all the little local places in Highlands, NC and got most of our Christmas shopping done! However, I really wanted the adorable hand towels at one tiny store, except they were made in Pakistan, so I passed on them.

  73. says

    We do handmade too! :) We’ve been taking the pledge for a few years now. :) Even the kids know…if it says Made in China isn’t not bought! :)

    About 2 years ago we did a purge and simplified. I removed all the plastics and donated them to our local Goodwill. We also got rid of many gifts that’d been given to the kids that were M.I.C. It made it easy for the kids to get rid of their “junk” by checking for MIC.

    So, we’re at my Mother in laws house and she’s doing a purge…my youngest, 3, goes and starts picking up stuff and putting it into a bag. She comes over dragging a big bag FULL of made in china stuff. It was so funny! She then educated her Mamal all about MIC, plastic, and supporting our local ‘mutity. :)

    Love this blog and can’t believe I’ve just found you!!! :) I’m your newest follower.


  74. says

    I ordered some creamed honey today from a Virginia apiary to give as gifts (and spent around $60 on that already) :)
    I will also be buying other foot items from nearby farms and orchards. Canned home made items such as apple butter, pickles, spaghetti sauce, etc.

    I plan to spend 99.9% of my Christmas budget on items made in the USA. Sadly, I have bought one item from a store that was made in China- the website didn’t specify and by the time I got it, it was too late. Lesson learned and from now on when websites don’t specify, I write and ask.

  75. marlena says

    We are committing to giving only Made in America or homemade gifts this Christmas! I has been really great for our family, it has made us be very thoughtful & purposeful with our gifts.

  76. says

    Does it count that I have spent $64 on USA made materials to make my own gifts to give? All of the glass tiles in my jewelry and some of the findings are made in the USA!

  77. Amy D says

    I Take The Pledge! My favorite product to buy is homemade candles. Not only are they American made, but it also supports small business shops.

  78. Adrianne B says

    This is a great idea. I would also like to pledge to support the US businesses of my friends and family.

  79. Sarah Hayes says

    This is awesome! Anyone could do this. There are so many great things made in the USA. I can def do this

  80. says

    I pledge to spend at least $64 on American made products this holiday season. As a woman and a small business owner, I thank you for putting together such an awesome collection of options for Made in America products. It is by far the best site I have seen!

  81. says

    Our family is in! We’re almost done with our gift buying and 85-90% has been made in USA – close to half of that was made in the state we live in as well, from as many small businesses as possible. Another portion has been handmade, mostly of made in USA supplies (yarn from USA fiber farms, for instance). So far the only thing not made in USA that I’ve bought this season were some LEGOs I found on a deep clearance – but they were purchased on base, so at least a percentage of that purchase goes back to funding morale & welfare in the US military community.

  82. Melmax says

    $64 is easy to do when looking at the amount we spend. I try to shop local as much as I can and support local business. I try to do at least 50/50 and hopefully the USA Made options will expand with demand.

  83. Jessica Buchanan says

    It’s extremely important to buy from the creative people in our own country. Keepin’ the American dream alive!

  84. Alex says

    I plan on buying American made goods for my holiday gifts this year. If I make gifts for someone, I will source American raw materials for these as well.

  85. says

    I’m definitely trying to buy local this holiday season from holiday markets and such. Also hoping for lots of sales from my Etsy shop which are all hand made locally by me on American Apparel shirts that are made in the USA!

  86. L says

    I’m sure I’ll be spending far under $700 but I pledge to spend it on American goods! Great gift guide too.

  87. SD Murray says

    I pledge to spend $64 (I’ve already spent more than that on USA made items) this holiday season. My father was an auto worker. I have taught my son to look for the country of origin on all of his purchases and for him to look for a US alternative.

  88. Gina says

    I already do this so $64 is easy….I make a lot of things, like quilts so I love this challenge….I’ve been supporting made on USA products for years

  89. Stephanie Harris says

    I pledge to buy American Made. Amazing how many products we can find that are made here in America. The quality is better and we support our neighbors. Thank you!

  90. says

    I took the challenge over a year ago when I started my Made in USA blog. I have found a ton of great Made in USA items.

  91. kemberley crosswhite says

    i pledge!! we have finished our christams shopping and spent way more than just 64 on made in the usa gifts

  92. says

    I love buying small business made in the USA products. We have already spent $65 + on made in the USA products for Christmas and plan on spending more! Thanks!

  93. Rachel says

    This is a great idea, and I definitely support buying local products! What better time to give the economy a boost than a time when you’re buying anyways. I am going to happily take this pledge.

  94. says

    My brick-and-mortar shop carries a wide variety of locally handmade items and most of my gifts this holiday are either made by me or these local artisans!

  95. says

    I have taken the challenge! The kids and I actually decorated discarded coconuts and mailed those as gifts to friends on the mainland. We made sure we purchased paints and brushes that were made in the USA. It’s tough to find items made in the USA here on Maui; certainly trying to find so many things that we took for granted when we lived on the mainland.

    We concentrate on buying local hand made goods.

  96. Glenn silbaugh says

    I want to spread the word!! People need educated! Please people spend the $64 and tell your friends.


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