The American Made Holiday Gift Guide 2012 and Giveaway Event

I am pleased to announce that the American Made Holiday Gift Guide is now live! The guide is a compilation of some of the very best American made gift ideas that are safe,  ethically made, eco-friendly and awesome.

American Made Holiday Gift Guide 2012

To coincide with the Holiday Gift Guide, weekly made in USA giveaways will be posted each Monday. This is your chance to win an American made gift and to learn more about some of the companies listed in the Gift Guide. Anyone who pledges to take the Made in America Holiday Challenge will receive additional entries in each giveaway, increasing your chances of winning. Here’s a look at the schedule for the duration of the American Made Holiday Gift Guide event.

     10/29-11/4    Wikki Stix     Toy Gift Basket
11/5-11/12    Sophia & Chloe    Necklace
11/12-11/19    Beau Monde Organics    Scarf
11/19-11/26    Loggerhead Apparel       Loggerhead Gift Pack
11/26-12/3    Susabelle      Santa
12/3-12/10    A Greener Kitchen     Apron Set
12/10-12/17    Etsy Shops     Handmade Gift Collection
12/17-12/24     Green Toys    Bouquet Toy

I hope you will join me in making this year a Made in America Holiday! Why are you interested in buying American made for the Holidays? What made in USA holiday gifts have you found or plan on giving? What are your favorite listings in the American Made Holiday Gift Guide? What are you most excited about winning?


  1. Christine says

    I hope more and more people will start appreciating (buying) all of the talent of our American made designers. It might be a little more expensive than China, but it will last a LOT longer and it has a big impact here at home.

    • Sarah says

      Exactly! Even if it is a bigger expense up-front I find that buying American made is a great investment over the long-term.

  2. Kristen says

    I had wanted to do a homemade Christmas , but having a five month old makes the free time to create a bit hard to find. I am loving this challenge and think it is a great alternative to the homemade one I was trying to have. I know I am planning on buying baby spoons from liberty tabletop(the only flatware company left here). Until they posted something a few weeks ago I hadn’t eve thought about the possible chemical contamination of made in china baby spoons because of lack of required testing on imported products. I plan on making them a stocking stuffer :)

  3. says

    *SO* exciting. I drew my SIL in the gift exchange this year, and I know she’d love something that was handcrafted in America, unique, and classy….so I’m counting on you to give me some ideas!!!

    • Sarah says

      Thanks Diana. I got to meet Katie from Vintage Vinyl Journals last weekend and she is great!

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