Upcycling: Repuposed Goods Made in USA

Upcycling seems to be the latest trend in the green industry. A fresh alternative to our mostly disposable culture, upcycling may be in the spotlight, but it is far from new. I have been loving all of the innovative upcycled products flooding the market. Part of buying locally made products means being eco-conscious, so I am always looking for ways to reduce my environmental impact. But what does upcycling really mean, and how is it different than recycling? I did some research to uncover the facts and find some awesome upcycled goods made in USA, and places to find them!


What is Upcycling?

Upcycle Magazine, a publication devoted to the practice, defines upcylcing as ” taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative.” In contrast to recycling, which uses to energy to convert one product into a new one, upcycling is a creative process used to find new uses for existing items or waste products. Almost anything can be upcycled, with glass, metal, paper and plastic products being most commonly utilized.

Upcycling is beneficial because it protects the environment, reducing waste and using less energy than creating a new product. Upcycled goods make great gifts because their handcrafted nature makes each a one of a kind creation. If the product is also locally made, you have the equation for a perfectly green product.

There are many innovative companies and artisans alike producing wonderful, unique upcycled goods, but anyone can upcycle. Simple projects like  fashioning an old shirt into a skirt, configuring a used glass jar into a soap dispenser and decorating empty bottles for use as vases are all easy ways you can upcycle and go green at home. Check out the 101 Green Handmade Gift Tutorials from Everything Etsy for lots more ideas for upcycling projects.

Upcycled Products Made in USA

Suit and Tie Sling Bag

Suit and Tie Sling Bag

Made entirely of discarded men’s suits and ties, the front pocket is actually an exterior suit pocket. Made in USA. $39.

Reclaimed Coffee Can Cuff

Bracelet hand-crafted from a vintage coffee can. Handmade in USA, $35.


Reclaimed Denim Skirt

Reclaimed Denim Skirt

 Made from reclaimed denim, already broken in for a soft, comfy feel. Made in USA. $49.90

Guitar String Ring

Guitar String Ring

Made from guitar strings, twisted into bows and held together with the ball end of a guitar string. Handmade in California. $20.

Soda Bottle Tumblers

Recycled Soda Bottle Glass Tumblers, Assorted Set of 4
Created from reclaimed Boylan Soda Bottles. Made in the USA in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. $31.95
Wine Barrel Serving Tray

Wine Barrel Serving TrayHandmade from the top of a retired wine barrel, features hand-forged steel handles and the stamp of its original cooperage. Handmade in Texas. $140.


Where to Buy Upcycled Goods Made in USA

Hipcycle – exclusively upcycled items. Product materials have country of origin listed.

Uncommon Goods –  unique gifts, many made in USA, mostly handmade.

Best American Arts – handmade arts and crafts, all made in USA.

Modern Artisans – handcrafted housewares and gifts, all made in USA.

List of Uplcycled Products from Bamboosa

Re-useit – recycled products, made in USA.

Counterevolution – furniture from wood reclaimed from bowling alleys, handcrafted in USA.


What are your favorite upcycled products? Where have you found them? Have you made any upcycled projects yourself?