Big Brother Kit: Gifts for a New Big Sibling When Baby Arrives

This is an exciting time for my family. We recently welcomed our second All American Baby, becoming a family of four. The birth of our daughter has been a joyous occasion for everyone, including our three year old son. Adjusting to a new baby in the house can be a difficult transition for any new big brother or sister, so I tried my best to adequately prepare my son for his new role. We attended a sibling preparation course at the hospital, read plenty of books and had lots of discussions.

big brother kit made in usa

I created a “Big Brother Kit” to give my son in the hospital when he came to meet his new baby sister. He was just about to begin a preschool program that required a backpack, so I started with this necessity. The bag was then packed  with goodies to keep him entertained and fed while visiting in the hospital. Small gifts and snacks were selected that would be useful and make him feel special. I found it was surprisingly easy to find such items made in USA.

The Big Brother Kit contained the following made in USA products:

Dinosaur Backpack – This American made, PVC-free backpack is simple  but fun, a perfect choice for a first school experience.

Super Incredible Big Brother Book – Personalized with names, this book, made and printed in the USA, is a fun way to celebrate a new big brother while becoming a treasured family memento.

Annie’s Homegrown Variety Cracker/Cookie Packs – These snacks are organic, made in USA and beloved by kids. The packs are the perfect size for a treat while you are out or on the go.

Silly Putty – This classic toy is still made in America, made by Crayola.

Dover Little Sticker Book -These pint-sized books packed with stickers are big fun for kids, especially in themes like dinosaurs and bugs.

Crayola Crayons – The classic, Crayola, are still made in USA in our home state of Pennsylvania.

Coloring Books – Most of the coloring books I have come across have been made in USA. Even the $1 books featuring superhero and character favorites sold at the pharmacy I found were printed in America.

The “Big Brother Kit” was a big hit with my son, who has adapted to his new role fabulously. He was understandably nervous visiting in the hospital to meet his baby sister for the first time. Having a fun gift for him helped warm him up in a strange setting and kept him entertained for a few hours. The first few weeks at home with the new baby he has enjoyed picking something out of the big brother kit to play with when I am occupied with the baby. And I have enjoyed the satisfaction of another project completed with American made goods!