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When it comes to our pets, product safety is a huge issue. I’ve talked about the  recalls of toys made in China that were a major inspiration in my challenge to find products made in USA. Around this same time a massive recall of dog food and treats was announced after pets were becoming sickened. The culprit was found to be a manufacturer in China that was illegally adding melamine, typically used as in plastics and fertilizer, to the food to increase it’s protein content inexpensively.

Dog Supplies Made in USA Collage

Luckily, there is no short supply of pet products made in the USA.  I present you with a list of American made dog collars, beds, treats and toys. Now you can feel even better about spoiling your pooches – I know I do!

Skookum Dog


Strong and sturdy dog gear from Skookum Dog, including dog beds, leashes, toys and duffles, is made in Seattle, Washington.

Nylabone Treats and Toys

Nylabone Dog Toys and Treats Made in USA

Nearly all Nylabone products are made in USA (look for the flag-waving lab on the packaging!) My two dogs are devoted Nylabone fans.


Poochie Pets Dog Leashes

Dog Collars made in USAPoochie Pets expressive dog collars and leases are all proudly made in USA.


CloudStar Dynamo Dog Treats

CloudStar Dynamo Dog Treats Made in USA

My dogs are big fans of these natural dog treats.

Classic Kong Dog Toys

Classic Kong Dog Toy Made in USA

Kongs are a staple favorite dog toy that also happen to be American made!

American Digs Dog Apparel

American Digs Dog Apparel Made in USA

American Digs is the first line of dog apparel and accessories completely made in the USA. Check out the dog puffer coat and polo shirt my dogs have.

MLB Licensed Team Logo Gear

MLB Licensed Dog Tags, Collars and Leashes made in USAFully licensed MLB baseball team logo tags, collars and leashes, all made in USA.


 Places to Find American Made Dog Supplies Online (listings with an * do not carry all made in USA products):

American Digs – dog apparel and accessories

Cloudstar - natural dog treats

Crypton – dog beds and accessories

Jake’s Dog House – pet collars/leashes, toys, accessories*

KONG - dog toys

Nylabone – toys and treats*

Pet Frenzy – pet beds, ramps and doors*

Wagatha’s – treats

West Paw – pet toys

Wysong - pet food made in USA

Zelda’s Song – dog collars and jewelry for owners


Do you worry about the safety of the products you use for your dog? Do you check the label for country of origin when making a purchasing decision? What made in USA dog products have you come across? Share your finds and recommendations below!


  1. Ann Lawson says

    Wow that is a great idea. I have been trying to find natural cat food but it is very rare in my town. I didn’t know there were so many pet supplies that were made right here in this country. That is good to know that I do have that option.

  2. says

    Thank you for this round up of products, I wasn’t aware of some of these! We try to be eco conscious in our household as much as possible and it’s easy to forget our four legged friends have a carbon footprint as well. We try to buy local food/toys and such as much as possible.

  3. val says

    I also lost my dog do to treets made in China.
    He was 17 years old. Tho l tried to believe it was
    Old age I knew better.I didn’t know it was the food I
    was feeding him.If I could tell you how bad I missed him,I felt like I caused him to suffer.
    I did get another dog from a local shelter,this time
    I did give him Milos chicken treets.He violently vomited.I was then told by a friend about China treets
    making dogs ill.My vet didn’t think that was the cause.
    So now if it comes from China,I don’t buy it.
    NYLABONES come from China, so does some kongs.
    you still need to check the label.Infringment laws are laxed in many states.China is stealing from all of us.
    NOT only our capital monies,soon it will be us.

  4. Barbara Mascareno says

    When we used to have our dog (R.I.P.), I would always try to find the healthiest treats and food, especially since he suffered from allergies. But I find that most manufactures are becoming more earth-friendly when it comes to making toys and food for pets, which I’m so glad. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. says

    Mickey’s Pet Supplies has a huge selection of made in USA pet supplies. Everything from dog treats, dog chews, shampoos, collars, leashes, dog toys, cat toys and more.

  6. Anne says

    I feed and use only FROMM Family foods and treats.
    I did use Natural Balance, but having paid over $500. in vet bills through April and May, that was it for me!
    Now they (one cat & one dog), get only Fromm food.

    Great flavors- I was given a bunch of samples from Pulaski Warehouse to make sure they would eat it; and which flavor they preferred.
    I still do not know. as the food disappeared within the same time frame with each new package.
    Yes, they both loved all of the varieties!
    And I love not only that it is made in the U.S.A., but that it is made in small batches in the event of a recall, also that it is made from local products.

    Made in Wisconsin. Almost out my backdoor-
    I was humiliated that I had, even once, overlooked this brand….

  7. Jessica O says

    Thanks for this list! My dog loves her Kong toy, it is one of the few that she can’t destroy :/

  8. Jill says

    I love natural products made in the US and want to make a recommendation if it’s okay. My dog has had a tick and flea problem being in the woods so often. I refuse to use harsh chemicals like DEET ( cancer causing). I found a great soap online called BUG OFF or K~9 soap by blue dolphin soap co. It has eliminated my problem amnd I use to control insects during my hikes through the woods with Max. I hope this helps you and your dog to as it has really made my buddy happy again. No hot spots either anymore. just sayin.

  9. L says

    Thank you for this article. We think to shop ethically for ourselves and our home but somehow completely overlook the pets in our life. If I don’t want toxins in my body or home I shouldn’t want them for my dog either!

  10. Gina says

    I’m a huge animal lover….and I’m one of those fur moms who is always searching and reading labels to get only the best for my pets. One thing you have to watch out for is labels that say USA but in fine print the actual product is made in or comes from china or elsewhere and is just packaged in the USA. I’ve seen this more than once lately and do not like the sneaky marketing, I think if a product says USA, every part of it needs to be USA made….after all, I don’t want rawhide or treats or anything from china just because it’s packaged in the USA, the dogs are not eating the packaging! Just something to watch for, it caught me by surprise on a random product I bought and noticed the fine print at home,,,,,

  11. Kristin says

    Ruff dawg is great! Very sturdy toys & our dogs love playing with them.

  12. Amanda says

    I recently came across some nylabone products at a store near my house. Out of the 5 nylabone products the store carried, only 1 was made in USA (the rest were made in China). I’m not sure if that was just a weird coincidence or if nylabone has shifted more production to China since this post was originally written. Does anyone know?


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