Greeting Cards Made in USA

When it comes to finding greeting cards made in USA, the options are plentiful and easily accessible. Despite popular belief, and even a few proposed boycotts, most greeting cards on the market in America are in fact made in USA. The prevalence of social networking may be ever-growing, but traditional snail-mail is still the most popular choice when it comes to sending wishes. The greeting cards industry is holding on in America, with sales exceeding $7 billion annually. Greeting cards made in USA can be found under the major card manufacturers and by independent card companies, many employing sustainable practices.

Greeting Cards Made in USA

The largest greeting cards corporation is Hallmark, who came under attack for in 2009 for outsourcing approximately 7% of their workforce overseas. Despite this layoff, the majority of traditional paper Hallmark greeting cards are made in the USA in their factories in Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas. Cards containing electronics that play music are made in China. Hallmark details this information and more on the sourcing for their products on their corporate site.

Ranking second in greeting cards sales is patriotic sounding American Greetings. Without any information available on their corporate site, I was unable to find any hard data on the amount of cards they manufacture in America. Based on my own research flipping over greetings cards in the drug store, it seems as though a larger percentage of American Greetings cards are made in China.

Night Owl Paper Goods Cards Made in USA

My advice for finding and buying greetings cards made in the USA is to choose those made by independent companies. The following is a list of companies I have found that produce and sell greeting cards made in USA. If you have others to suggest, please leave information in a comment below.

Greeting Cards Made in USA

Crane & Co. – All cards and stationary have been made in Dalton, Massachusetts since 1770 on 100% cotton paper derived from recovered textile fibers.  Favorite for stationary and business correspondence cards.

Night Owl Paper Goods – Cards are made in Alabama using sustainably harvested wood. A favorite for cute, unique cards and gifts.

Leanin’ Tree –  All of their greeting cards are made in Colorado, printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper.

Amy Adele – Line of cards and personalized stationary for kids created by a Mom, all made in USA.

True Emotions Cards – Cards are made in Toledo, Ohio using soy-inks on sustainably harvested paper by this family business.

CabinTiger – Offers a line of greeting cards made in USA featuring the owner’s photography.

La Casa Cards – Southwestern themed cards made in Arizona.

Pumpernickel Press – Family owned card business with all cards made in USA.

Greenfield Paper – Cards made of eco-friendly plantable seed paper made in California.

Cardthartic – greeting cards “honoring emotions”, made in USA in Champaign, IL.

Girly Whirly – Cards featuring pen illustrations created in California.

Maggie’s Quill – made in USA greeting cards made on recycled paper


Do you send traditional greeting cards? Which companies do you prefer? Do you know of any other greeting cards made in USA?