Made in USA Virtual Factory Tours

Factory tours are not only a fun experience, they provide insight into what “made in USA” really means. Factory tours help you appreciate the human element that goes into the production of goods made in America. With the internet, getting a behind the scenes look at how factories run is easier than ever. Virtual factory tour photos and videos let you watch manufacturing taking place in America without having to travel cross-country. Here are some made in America companies that offer virtual factory tours for your viewing pleasure!

Made in USA Virtual Factory Tours

Jacob Bromwell has been manufacturing their legendary cooking, baking and campfire products in the USA since 1819. Today they are making the same classic products that the American frontiersman used. Modern-day Jacob Bromwell products are still made in America, manufactured by skilled craftsmen in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their website has a factory tour slideshow that gives you a behind the scenes glimpse at their manufacturing operations.

Jacob Bromwell Factory

American Apparel Factory Tour


Little Tikes still manufactures over 200 of their classic children’s toys in their Hudson, Ohio factory. Many of their iconic products like the Cozy Coupe and Turtle Sandbox have been made in America for over 42 years. This fun NBC News video clip shows how the classic Cozy Coupe is made, from melting the plastic pellets to packaging up the final product – all in the Ohio factory.

Little Tikes Factory Photo

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Made in USA Factory


Celia Rachel offers an American made source for premium bedding, home decor, fabrics and tulle, all made at the Mohican Mills plant in North Carolina. They have shared pictures of the complete manufacturing process on their website and Facebook page.  You can watch the production from the spinning of American cotton to sewing by local seamstresses.

fabric cutting celia rachel

sewing Celia Rachel fabric made in USA


Pure Play Kids offers creative wooden and cloth toys sustainably made in the USA.  Pure Play kids recently opened their own toy making factory in Tennessee to expand their line of in-house wooden toys made in America. You can find photos of the factory on their website, and get a peek at the manufacturing in this news clip.

Pure Play Kids Toy Making Factory in America

All American Clothing Company produces a line of clothing made in USA for the entire family. Their traceability program gives full disclosure of every step of the manufacturing process, back to the American farmers growing the cotton. As you can watch on the traceability video, the cotton is then monitored from the farm to the mill to the finished product of jeans to ensure 100% American labor and materials are used. They also feature an interactive map of the US cotton farmers they work with, including information about the families and businesses.

All American Clothing Co Jeans Made in USA

US cotton farmers


K’Nex toy systems contain over 95% American made parts. On my visit to their Hatfield, PA factory as part of the 30 Day Made in USA Journey’s PA trip I was treated to a complete tour of the K’Nex factory and got to meet with the CEO, Micheal Araten. We got to see the K’Nex rods, pieces and connectors being built, as well as the warehouse full of all kinds of construction toys! If you are not so lucky as to be local to the area, you can still check out the factory in action on their factory tour video.

K Nex Ferris Wheel

K'Nex Factory


American Apparel is the country’s largest clothing manufacturer. Utilizing a “vertically integrated” business strategy, the design, manufacturing, and distribution are all done at their California facility. They offer a glimpse into all of the stages and phases of manufacturing done in their downtown LA factory through an online factory exploration.

American Apparel Factory Tour

AA Factory

What factory tours have you visited? What do you enjoy most about going on a factory tour? Do you have any other made in USA virtual factory tour options to share?