Reusable Shopping Bags Made in USA

reusable shopping bags made in usa

Reusable shopping bags used at the grocery store and for other shopping trips have become commonplace. They are green, reusable and supposed to be environmentally friendly. But when it comes to reusable shopping bags all bags are not created equal. In fact, the majority of the “cloth” shopping bags on the market are plastic, made and shipped from China and contain toxic chemicals.  Here is the scoop on your options for reusable bags and how to find bags that are truly environmentally friendly and made in USA.

The problem with traditional single use disposable plastic bags.

Plastic shopping bags take up to 1,000 years to break down, and when they do, they contaminate our land and waterways. They require petroleum for production and are difficult to re-use. Recycling plastic bags is even more difficult. Due to prohibitively high costs, less than 5% of all plastic bags are ever recycled. When plastic bags are recycled, they are typically sent to China, where factory workers are exposed to the toxic fumes they release.

Plastic bag alternatives.

Most “green” reusable shopping bags are made in China, manufactured without environmental regulations and shipped thousands of miles using previous energy resources. These shopping bags are typically made to look like they are fabric, but in fact are plastic. Most bags are created from a type of plastic called polypropylene, which requires approximately 28 times the amount of energy required to created a disposable version.  These shopping bags have also found to contain lead that leaches out into foods held inside the bag. They have been found to last only about two years under typical usage.

How to find safer, eco-friendly options for reusable shopping bags.

Tom Bihn Shop Bag Made in USALook for bags made from more sustainable materials, like canvas, cotton, hemp and bamboo. If you buy plastic reusable bags, look for those containing recycled content. Bags made from a form of recycled plastic called “PET”are available, made from things like old plastic soda bottles. Make sure to use the bags you accumulate. Don’t take a freebie or buy a cute reusable bag that you won’t use, it defeats the purpose of helping the environment. BulletinBag recommends a practice of stocking up on 2-3 bags per family member, with a few extra stored in the car or office for random shopping trips. Finally, look for bags made in USA. Not only do they support our economy, they are shipped a shorter distance, requiring less energy. Bags made in USA are also made under environmental standards not present in other countries like China.

Some places to find eco-friendly, made in USA reusable shopping bags:




Mighty Nest


Our Green House


The Cloth Bag Company

Tom Bihn

True ReUSAble Bags


Do you use reusable shopping bags? What are your favorite brands? How do you choose amongst the plethora of options available today for reusable shopping bags? Do you have a favorite brand made in USA to share?


  1. says

    It’s pretty ironic that the “eco friendly” options for reusable bags are almost all plastic! I have been wanting to make some of my own but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks for sharing these made in the USA options!

  2. says

    Yes, I only just recently realized that these bags are not all created equal! It’s crazy how easy it is to market something as being eco-friendly when it so clearly is not – at least not entirely. Have been wondering how to find truly green reusable bags so thanks for the great tips and list!

  3. says

    It’s not that hard to make your own shopping bag, from an old Tshirt, jeans or a scrap of fabric. I sewed one from leftover cotton canvas once and emblazoned it with the YouTube handle for “The Majestic Plastic Bag”, that mockumentary narrated by Jeremy Irons. So far, no one has been bold enough to ask me about it. No matter: it’s still my go-to canvas bag.

  4. says

    I probably have 3 dozen reusable bags and we use them for everything! You’re right though – so many of them are made in China! Thank you for the recommendations on where to find eco-friendly bags made in the USA.

  5. Gina says

    I use reusable shopping bags and really enjoyed this post, makes you think. I noticed on several reusable bags I bought the made in china label….they are here so I’ll use them buti won’t be buying more of those…I use my bags all the time and keep some In every vehicle so I always have some when I’m shopping. I really enjoy the ones with cute designs….going to check into a few of the companies listed foe buying more as I can always use more of them…thanks

  6. Amanda says

    I probably have a dozen or more reusable bags & I’ve never paid for one! They’ve all come free either with a purchase, with something I won, as a gift bag, etc. We use them all the time, though.

  7. says

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