Stay Warm With Blankets Made in USA

Throughout the United States, mills still exists hand weaving heirloom quality made in USA blankets and throws. Though many companies have outsourced their manufacturing, success stories like that of the Faribault Mill show signs of an industry in revival. This historic Minnesota mill shut it’s doors in 2009 after over 150 years in operation. The factory and its contents were slated for shipment to a bidder in Bangladesh when two locals from the community took over the plant. The mill is now once again open for business, creating local jobs and restoring a legacy of blanket making in the community.

Blankets Made in USA

There are many other companies spearheading the revival of the textile industry in the USA by manufacturing American made blankets, throws and bedding. Some of these leaders have been previously featured on Made in USA Challenge, and I am in particular grateful to have Celia Rachel as a sponsor of the blog.  The following is a list of places to find American made blankets, throws, bedding sets and baby blankets. Stay warm this winter and invest in an American made blanket, throw or bedding set. Support US workers, mills and factories while keeping your family cozy this Winter and for generations to come.

Blankets, Throws, Bedding and Baby Blankets Made in USA

Celia Rachel – Comforters, throw blankets, bedding sets and baby blankets, all made in the Mohican Mills plant in North Carolina. Celia Rachel is a Made in USA sponsor.

Amana Woolen Mill – The only remaining woolen mill making blankets in Iowa.

American Dorm and Home  – Custom bedding sets, comforters and duvets, made in factories located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Massachusetts. Baby blankets made under “Liz and Roo” line.

BambooBaby – Organic bamboo blended baby blankets made in South Carolina.

Bebe Bella Designs – Handmade baby blankets made in Minnesota.

Blanket Workx – custom photo printed and personalized blankets, all American made.

Blue Bird Blanket – Baby blankets made in USA from recycled materials.

Brahms Mount – Blankets made in Maine.

Faribault Mill – Manufacturer of woolen blankets in Minnesota.

Favor the Earth – organic handmade, American made blankets.

Hattie Designs – Etsy shop with handmade baby blankets.

In 2 Green – Eco-friendly, American made throw blankets. I purchased one of these at the first Green Festival I attended in D.C. in 2006 and it shows no signs of wear and tear despite years of use by people, pets and babies.

Maine Woolens – Blankets woven in Maine.

Our Green House – Organic bedding, wool blankets and baby blankets made in USA.

Pendleton – Native American print inspired blankets American made at Northwest Mills in Pendleton, Oregon.

Yes It’s Organic – Certified organic bedding sets made in USA.


 Do you have a favorite made in USA blanket or American made blanket manufacturer? Please share this information with everyone by leaving it in a comment below. Stay warm and keeping buying and supporting made in USA! Stay Warm With Blankets Made in USA