Dog Treats Made in USA

China has become notorious for importing goods resulting in recalls. Recent headlines drew attention to an issue with dog treats made in China causing illness in American pets. In a report released in May, the FDA announced 4,800 cases of illness related to the consumption of jerky dog treats made in China. Sadly, 1,000 dogs affected died of kidney failure caused by the treats. The culprit has been identified as amantadine, a human antiviral drug that is toxic to dogs.

Although the recent news has brought renewed attention to the risks of dog treats made in China, the FDA has actually been releasing warnings of their dangers since 2007. In response to the latest recall, PetCo and PetsMart have both announced that they will be eliminating the sale of any pet treats made in China. The toxic treats remain on the shelves of major drug and grocery stores, however.

Dog Treats Made in USA

When it comes to such a grave risk for our beloved pets, make sure you avoid dog treats made in China in favor of American made treats. The following is a list of dog treats made in USA and US ingredients. If you know of any additional brands, please let the information in a comment below the post.

 List of Dog Treats Made in USA

Barkworthie’s – bully sticks and natural dog chews*

Blue Buffalo –  natural, healthy dog treats

Bocces Bakery – all-natural dog biscuits made in New York City

Bone-a-Mints – treats by N-Bone

California Natural –  hypoallergenic dog treats

Castor and Pollux – makers of Organix and Good Buddy organic and natural dog treats

Cheese Please – dog treats with real cheese

Cloudstar – natural dog treats including Buddy Biscuits, Dynamo Dog and Wag More Bark Less

Dingo – treats and rawhide bones

Dogsbar – organic, grain-free treats

Drs. Foster and Smith – mail order treats*

Evangers – natural dog treats made in Wheeling, Illinois

Evo Wild –  grain-free, low carbohydrate, and protein-rich dog treats

Fromm Four-Star – fine dog treats made in Wisconsin

Fruitables – organic dog treats

Get Naked – treats from N-Bone

Grandma Lucy’s – organic oven baked and freeze-dried treats made in  Irvine, California

Greenie’s – dental chews

Innova – holistic dog treats

It’s Purely Natural – all natural, made in USA of US farmed ingredients, from Loving Pets

Jones’ Natural Chews – meat snacks and natural baked goods for dogs

Kong – toy stuffing and treats

Milo’s Kitchen – home style dog treats

N-Bone – makers of Get Naked, N-Bone, Twistix

Nylabone – NutriDent dental chews, Healthy Edibles wholesome chews, Prime Choice edible snacks, and VidaÔ Organic Treats are made in NJ. Look for a golden retriever waving a flag on all their products that are made in USA.

Primal Pet – wholesome, human-grade snacks for dogs

Red Barn – 80% of their dog treats are made in Kansas, look for label designationg

Smart n Tasty – dog treats made in USA from US sourced ingredients,  made by Emerald Pet and sold in specialty stores

Sojos – human quality food ingredients, baked wheat free treats

Stella and Chewys  – natural dog treats made in  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Stewarts – natural treats made in USA of US sourced ingredients

Sweet Little Butterpups – nutritional dog treats made in USA by Lincoln Bark

True Chews – natural chews and treats made in Independence, Iowa

Wagatha’s – biscuits made in Vermont

Zuke’s – natural treats made in Colorado


Do you avoid dog treats made in China? Do you check to make sure the dog treats you feed your dogs are made in USA? If you are aware of another manufacturer of dog treats made in USA, please leave their information in a comment below. Thank you!