Fourth of July Made in USA Guide – Celebrate Your Independence!

The Fourth of July is typically celebrated by flying the American flag, attending fireworks displays, and sporting patriotic apparel. These rituals are part of the American experience, and represent our collective commemoration of the spirit of the USA. Such sacred celebrations should include American made essentials. Sadly, many goods traditionally bought and used for Independence Day are actually made in China.

Buy Made in USA for 4th of Juy

Independence Day is an ironic reminder of our dependence on imported goods. The Holiday is a profitable occasion, and much of the money spent benefits other nations. If we buy american flags, shirts, and fireworks made in USA instead, that money would be reinvested in our own economy.

Fireworks are almost exclusively made in China. In fact, 93% of fireworks displayed in America on Independence Day are imported from China. This figure represents $218.2 million in sales. Americans spend approximately $3.8 million annually on American flags made in China. While these are overwhelmingly made in America, 6% of US flags are imported. Of those, 94% were made in China, with a revenue of over $3 million. Only 2% of clothing sold in the USA is American made. So it’s no surprise that stores are filled with American flag t-shirts and other patriotic themed clothing made in China.

Though you might have to do a little more research and choose your investments wisely, American made options for fourth of July exist. Below are options for American made flags, flag t-shirts, and backyard fireworks. Celebrate a true Independence Day by choosing goods made in America!


Where to Find Made in USA Fourth of July Essentials

fourth of july essentials made in usa

American Flags Made in USA

(certified by the Flag Manufacturers Association of America)

Annin Flagmakers
C.F. Flag 
J.C. Schultz Enterprises, Inc. / The Flag Source 
Valley Forge Flag

American Flag T-Shirts Made in USA

American Apparel
American Giant
American Pretty
Junk Food
Royal Apparel
Urban Outfitters

Consumer Fireworks Made in USA

Black Cat Fireworks
Diamond Sparklers

Fourth of July Dresses Made in USA








 4th of July Fashion Made in USA From ModCloth


American made Red, white and blue dresses from ModCloth.

Don’t forget to also check out our picks for Fourth of July decorations made in America!

Pledge to make this Fourth of July an authentic American made holiday. Check your labels and choose made in USA flags, shirts, and fireworks for Independence Day. 

Will you take the challenge to have a made in America Fourth of July? Will you be purchasing any goods made in USA for the holiday? Do you have any made in America Independence Day gear to recommend?