Infographic: How to be an Ethical Shopper

When I say that being a conscious consumer starts at home, I mean that buying locally made products is just one part of making ethical shopping choices.  To be an ethical shopper, we must be mindful of the impact our purchase makes on people, the economy and the environment. Voting with out dollar is such a powerful action because shopping is the fundamental role consumers play in our economic system. The price tag on a product leaves much out of the equation. Learning the hidden costs associated with a product are vital to making informed decisions as a consumer.

Vote With Your Dollar Made in USA Challenge Infographic on How to Be a Conscious Consumer

Conscious consuming is being aware of the full impact of the choices you make as a consumer. While I focus on finding locally American made products here on Made in USA Challenge, there are many factors I consider when making a purchase. I challenge you to join me on my journey to becoming a more conscious consumer by looking more closely at the products you choose to purchase and the impact they have. How do you make ethical shopping decisions?