Infographic: Ten Benefits of Shopping Local Independent Small Businesses

A strong business district creates local jobs, a sustainable society, and a vibrant culture in a community. Buying locally at small businesses is an important part of taking the Made in USA Challenge. To commemorate Small Business Week (May 12-18), here are ten reasons why you should support small local businesses.

Infographic Top Ten Reasons to Support Small Businesses and Buy Local


Top Ten Reasons to Shop Local, Independent Small Businesses


1. Personal service

Owners of small businesses typically work on the premises of their shop, rather than from a corporate office. They are involved in the daily operations of their company, often the one assisting you on the sales floor and ringing up your purchase.

2. Local Products

Small businesses are more likely than large chain stores to carry local products. They also are more likely to utilize products and services from other local businesses.

3. Energy Efficient

Shopping your local businesses requires less travel. This saves precious energy resources, benefiting both the environment and the consumer at the pump.

4. Community support

Local businesses support initiatives and charities that benefit the surrounding community.

5. Sustainability

Shops that stock local products reduce their carbon footprint because the products have less distance to be shipped, using less fossil fuels.

6. Fun shopping

The shops of local businesses are more unique, often carrying one of a kind local products, and strolling through town beats cruising the mall.

7. Hometown pride

Supporting local businesses to make them successful builds civic morale. A vibrant downtown is a great motivator for generating pride in your town.

8. Economic Impact

Independent stores return over 3 times as much revenue back into the local area, as compared to big box chain stores.

9. Social connections

Buying from local businesses connects you with the makers of local products, small business owners, and other leaders in your community.

10. Inspire entrepreneurship

A thriving small business district helps create a prosperous community, inspiring young people and professionals alike to start their own businesses and give back to their town.    


Do you enjoy shopping you local, independent small businesses? How do you see it benefiting your community? What influences you to buy locally and shop small?