Time for a Made in USA Watch

American manufacturing revolutionized watchmaking during the 1800s and early 1900s. Watches were previously made one at a time in England and Switzerland, a system that could not meet the demand. Manufacturers in the US improved the efficiency of watch manufacturing

The first-ever watch with interchangeable parts and the first 100% American-made watch was created by the Waltham Watch Company. American companies invented tools and machines used to cut metal parts and these advancements that spread to other industries. The Swiss eventually adopted these American methods and replicated the machines. Despite the advances, American watchmaking declined with the introduction of the disposable quartz watch in 1969.

Made in USA Watches Guide

Today, there are very few options for American made watches and it’s almost impossible to find one made entirely in the US. Most are assembled here with parts from Europe or Asia. It’s important to support this fledgling industry which is a mix of historical and newer brands.


Weiss Watch Company

Weiss Watch Company is restoring prestige to American watchmaking. They design and build luxury timepieces with mechanical movements by hand in Los Angeles, California. Their practices merge historical techniques and modern technological advances, with every process perfected by a Swiss trained and certified American watchmaker. Weiss Watch Company strives to increase the percentage of domestic sourcing with each edition, and is the only company resurrecting industry practices that have not been active in the United States for well over a century. They create each of their timepieces to be a trusted heirloom that can be worn every day for generations. A symbol of American ingenuity and integrity, each of their editions purposefully surpasses historical standards, using higher quality materials that last longer with less scheduled maintenance.

Case parts, dials, hands, spring bar tools, straps and packaging are designed, engineered and manufactured in Los Angeles. Current mechanical movement, buckles, case-back screws and spring bar screws are made in Switzerland, with finishing and assembly completed at our Los Angeles studio. Dials are made from the highest grade of naval or red brass, machined from a solid piece of brass with no welds or weak points, featuring hand painted or printed details. Movement parts are made from traditional metal alloys, unchanged since the 1800’s, allowing any professional watchmaker to make repairs using standard tools.


Analog Watch Company

Analog Watch Company is a small and independent business based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They care about craftsmanship and beauty in simplicity. They aspire to transform and re-imagine unique and beautiful materials and are inspired most by nature.

Their work is a minimal, uncluttered, iconic design with clean lines, a unique texture, and is sustainably manufactured to boot. Their watches are made to be solid yet naturally 80% biodegradable, using off-cut lumber for the straps, natural adhesives, and recyclable packaging. They are dedicated to exploring new ways of considering materials. They stand by their product and commitment to nature: our partnership with Trees for The Future, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, ensures that a portion of our profits for each watch purchased will pay for the planting of a tree.



Martenero is a small batch watchmaker based in New York City, producing a limited number of each design. They source each component individually, using local designers and craftsmen wherever possible. Only 1,000 of each piece is produced, after which the design is retired forever. Personalize your dial, hand, and strap colors online, and a watch will be built to your specifications with our local watchmaker. Durable and versatile designs inspired by the 50s, 60s, and 70s, with automatic movements and 100 meter water resistance. Martenero is made from surgical grade steel, using movements known for durability and reliability. Each watch is individually numbered, and includes both a handmade leather strap and waterproof nylon strap.



Shinola’s goal is to create products that are predominantly American made. Although a challenge today for numerous reasons, including the absence of at-scale American manufacturing for many of the components they need, they are working with like-minded partners to make it happen. Their watches are 100% assembled in our Detroit factory with both domestic and internationally sourced components. Their hope is that they can cultivate a cottage industry of suppliers who will move their operations to Detroit in order to supply them with needed components. With hard work and collaboration, they believe they can establish themselves as an iconic brand, while expanding the capacity—and reinvigorating the spirit—of manufacturing in America.


Minuteman Watches

Minuteman brand  was created raise funds for charities that assist Veterans and their families, to provide work for Americans, and to provide a quality product that will stand the test of time. Twenty-five percent of the profit from each Minuteman product we sell goes to charities assisting veterans & their families.

 All of their watches are currently built in the Unites States at two Illinois locations. Both shops are owned and operated by long time watchmakers who are CMW21™ – Certified Master Watchmaker of the 21st Century rated by the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute. Each watch is shipped in a quality padded zipper case which is also made in the United States.


RGM Watch Company 

RGM Watch Company was founded in 1992 by American watchmaker Roland G. Murphy and he has been “making history in watchmaking” ever since.

RGM Watch Company is located in a small town in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they manufacture watch parts, cases and movements. Today, both history and watchmaking are alive and well at RGM. While continually producing bespoke timepieces, such as the Caliber 801 and the Pennsylvania Tourbillon, RGM has kept the great traditions of fine watchmaking in focus. Modern manufacturing co-exists with antique, hand-operated machinery. Hand-blued screws and hand-polished components are at home among the close tolerances afforded by automated machines. Their goal is to offer not only the finest watches made in the USA, but the finest watches available, and they believe this requires equal efforts to improve current methods while at the same time preserving tradition.

While there aren’t that many brands to choose from, these watches support American manufacturing and are made of quality parts that are meant to last a lifetime. Isn’t it time to support American watchmakers?