What’s American Made at Baseball Games?

What's American Made at Baseball Games?

I don’t know if it’s the winding down of the NFL season or the dreaming of warmer days, but we’ve been gearing up for some baseball, which led us to wonder – what is American made at baseball games? Chances are opening day is just a few short weeks away in your home state. So, when you walk through those doors and hear the chants for the home team, you’ll now be able to share what’s so American about baseball.


MLB Licensed Product Shoot


One would think that the baseball is the item that is most American made at baseball games, right? Unfortunately, no. The MLB’s official baseball is Rawlings, which produces baseballs in Costa Rica. What’s interesting is that the majority of the materials for baseballs are sourced from the USA (baseball cores are imported from the Muscle Shoals Rubber Company in Batesville, MS. The yarn comes from D&T Spinning in Ludlow, BT. The cowhide is imported from Tennessee Tanning in Tullahoma, TN).

From what we could gather, the only major US professional sports team that uses balls made in the USA is the NFL.

MIUC - What’s American Made at Baseball Games? - Baseball Gloves

Baseball Gloves

There are so many different gloves worn by MLB players that we picked the most commonly known names.

Rawlings: The majority of Rawlings’ gloves are made overseas, but their pro model and custom gloves are still made in Washington, Missouri.

Wilson: The majority of Wilson gloves are made overseas.

Hillerich & Badsby Company (the makers of the Louisville Slugger): They  make baseball gloves in their production facility in Kentucky (detailed further below under “baseball bats”).


MIUC - What’s American Made at Baseball Games - Baseball Bases Schutt


Phew! The bases for the MLB are all American made in Litchfield, IL by Schutt Sports. I now have a new appreciation for those bad boys.


MIUC - What’s American Made at Baseball Games - New Era Baseball Hat

Baseball Hat

We wear ‘em, the pros wear ‘em … this is maybe the most important piece on this list! The exclusive producer to the MLB is New Era, and the majority of New Era hats are made in the USA in Buffalo, NY. A lot of these are actually made by hand (free-hand too), which makes it even cooler! These are literal pieces of art. What could be more American made at baseball games than the iconic hat?


MIUC - What’s American Made at Baseball Games - Baseball Bat

Baseball Bats 

Louisville Sluggers (by Hillerich & Bradsby Company) is one of the most famous American Made baseball bats. They are located in Louisville, KY, which is also where Louisville Sluggers are manufactured. Louisville Sluggers have taken pride in their USA Made label over the years, with Louisville Slugger representative sharing, “I think that America’s pastime is celebrated and played here in the United States. We take a lot of pride that we make our wood baseball bats in our factory downstairs. It’s a certain pride factor. Not only are we an American company, but we represent the American dream in a sense that we’re still a family-owned business.”

If you’re ever in Louisville, KY you can take a trip over to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, where you can see historical examples of world-famous bats and view how the Sluggers are produced.