Made in USA Challenge is a resource for the conscious consumer to find made in USA goods that are safe, ethically made, eco-friendly and awesome.

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Made in USA Challenge


About The Made in USA Challenge

The Made in USA Challenge is my journey to become a conscious consumer by finding, buying and sharing products made in USA. I have developed this site into a resource for concerned consumers looking for the best products made in America, as well was to create a venue for a dialogue on issues concerning consumerism and the role of buying American made.

Look for Made in USA first.

Checking the labels on everything is the essential first step. Taking a few seconds to flip over a product to look for the “made in” tag is an easy and important way to identify goods made in America. Though the terms on products making claims to be American made can be confusing, the “made in USA” designation means that a majority (over 75%) of the  manufacturing of a product took place in the USA. When I can’t find something made in USA or the there is no country of origin labeled I always inquire with the store associates or manager of the shop I am in. I do a lot of research on the internet for purchases made both on and offline to find made in USA options, which I am compiling on the Made in America Master List.

Research companies and products.

There are many variables I consider to make an ethical shopping decision. In addition to being American made, I evaluate products for their environmental impact, human rights concerns and safety ratings. There is a lot of information about companies’ corporate responsibility initiatives you can find online and resources available to help you research the impact of your purchases.

When made in USA is not available, buy used.

For some products, made in USA options are simply not available. This is particularly true for electronics. For such purchases I frequent the local Goodwill, thrift and consignment shops for gently used products. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find some thrift store used goods that were made in USA. When buying used products made overseas, you are at least avoiding supporting the manufacturer with your purchase and are minimizing the environmental impact by reusing something and keeping it out of the landfill. Other perks are the great deals you can score that often benefit a charitable organization.

When made in USA is not possible, buy fair trade.

Some products can not be made in America because their ingredients are not native to the United States. This is particularly true for some food items, including fruits and oils. I look for fair trade certification when buying imported goods like tea and chocolate for the assurance that the products was made under fair labor conditions. To achieve fair trade certification, a product must be made in accordance with rules governing human rights, labor laws and environmental regulations. Fair trade also presents the opportunity to help empower workers from impoverished areas making handcrafted goods.

Be more mindful of all purchases.

When you challenge yourself to buy locally made products, you are by default becoming more conscious of your consumption. Doing the necessary research to ensure a product is made in America and meets your standards makes you a more informed consumer. Buying made in USA has made me more mindful of my spending in general, only buying products I truly need and eliminating impulse buys. This philosophy is partially responsible for helping me save money by buying made in USA.


Why Made in USA?

There are many reasons to buy made in USA. I am trying to avoid purchasing from developing nations that utilize sweatshop labor, have little or no safety standards, and have no environmental regulations. Buying items made in USA strengthens our own economy, building our manufacturing sector, helps us protect our families from products contaminated with toxic chemicals, and minimizes our exploitation of third world countries.

1. Economy

This one is pretty obvious. Buying a larger percentage products made in USA helps stimulate the economy through the creation of new jobs, reinvestment of our money and creates a demand for more companies to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

2. Labor

When products are made overseas there is little to no regulation of working conditions. Sweatshops are notorious for child labor, forced labor and other human rights violations. Buying products made in America is a good way to avoid supporting these grave labor atrocities.

3. Environment

Most countries manufacturing goods for sale in the USA do not have environmental protections laws, or they are not enforced. Companies that keep their manufacturing in the US are subject to EPA regulations to help protect the land, air and water. Additionally, a made in USA product’s carbon footprint is smaller because it has less less distance to travel.

4. Safety

Items made in China have become infamous for massive safety recalls. Products made in America are tested and inspected for safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This helps protect our families from dangers posed by toxins, health risks and safety hazards.

5. Community

Buying locally strengthens our communities. Supporting local shops helps promote the work of local craftsmen, small business owners and the future of manufacturing in America. When purchasing goods made closer to home, a larger percentage of profits are reinvesting in the community they are sold in.


How to Get Involved

Anyone can the challenge to by made in USA.  Our power as consumers is great and we vote with every dollar we spend. Follow these suggested steps to  join in!

Evaluate your current spending.

Take a look at your current spending habits and identify changes you can make to include more American made options.

Set a goal for buying made in USA.

Set a goal for yourself. It may mean committing to buy one American made product a month, making half of your purchases on made in USA goods, or whatever benchmark is reasonable for you and your family.

Start checking labels and doing research.

Look for made in USA whenever you go shopping, and ask for American made options in stores. To take advantage of the research and experiences I share in my made in USA Challenge, you can subscribe to the blog posts, utilize the Made in America Master List, and  join the discussion on the Made in USA Challenge Facebook page.

Share your intentions with friends and family.

Spreading the word about the importance and benefits of buying made in USA is vital to grow the made in America movement. Letting your friends and family know you are on a mission to buy made in USA helps keep you on track with your goal, inspires others and generates a conversation about buying American made.

I Took the Made in USA Challenge

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PR: Work With Made in USA Challenge

The “Made in America” message is going viral, with more Americans interested in buying made in USA to not only support domestic manufacturing, but also to purchase safer, higher quality goods that are more environmentally conscious. I have had the pleasure to work with many companies making their goods in America to help them take advantage of this support.

I have several options available for working together to promote your American made products. For companies interested in collaborating to promote your made in USA goods, please contact me for access to the Media Kit with opportunities to work together, including advertising, sponsored posts, giveaways and more. Thank you for your interest and your support of Made in USA Challenge!