Made in America Holiday Giveaway: Alison & Ivy State Necklace


Home is where the heart is, and nothing beats being home for the Holidays! The heart state necklace from the American Made Holiday Gift Guide is a thoughtful way to give the gift of home state pride. Alison & Ivy’s solid heart punched state necklace is available in silver, yellow gold, white gold, and pink […]

Handmade Gifts Made in USA on Etsy Holiday Giveaway

Etsy Gifts GIveaway

Handmade products add a special quality to gifts. Handcrafted goods support local artists and communities, are more eco-friendly and ensure fair labor went into the product. Handmade goods like those found on Etsy are unique, display true craftsmanship, and carry the significance of the value invested in the product by the artisan. Buying handmade gifts […]

Personalized Real Wood Holiday Cards from Night Owl Paper Goods

Night Owl Paper Goods

Giving and exchanging Holiday cards is a highlight of the season. I personally love receiving Holiday cards in the mail in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Most friends and family choose personalized photo cards, and we display them as part of our Holiday decor. Being the sentimental sap I am, I have folders with all the previous […]

Travel Fractiles Made in America Holiday Giveaway


Simple, engaging toys are often the ones that kids enjoy playing with most over the years. Flashy battery powered gadgets are fun for awhile, but in the end serve more as entertainment than true play. I prefer toys that my children have fun with while learning. Fractiles are the ultimate in educational toys that children […]

VZWraps Fabric Gift Bags Made in America Holiday Giveaway

VZWraps Giveaway

An additional 5 million tons of waste is generated in the U.S. during the holiday season, primarily comprised of wrapping paper.  It was with this startling fact in mind that Isabelle Vesey created her line of VZ Wraps. To provide an eco-friendly solution, she began hand crafting cloth gift bags, made and sewn locally using a no-waste cutting technique […]

Sloan + Themis Jewelry Handcrafted on the Banks of the Mississippi

sloan and themis bracelet

For Sloan + Themis owner Claire Bruce jewelry making is more than a craft, it’s a passion fueled by history. Sparked by the gift of a vintage ring she received as a young child, Claire has made a career out of designing and handcrafted jewelry. Sloan + Themis specializes in handcrafted and custom made modern […]

Ogden Made Messenger Bag Review and Giveaway


Kickstarter campaigns have created a revolutionary new way to connect entrepreneurs with people passionate about their vision through crowd funding. Several great companies featured on Made in USA Challenge are the result of successful Kickstarter campaigns, and today we are excited to introduce you to Ogden Made. David had the opportunity to try out one of their […]

Dyer and Jenkins Jeans and T-shirt


One pair of fitting jeans and a few t-shirts can be a complete wardrobe half the year. But finding the perfect pair isn’t easy. Dyer & Jenkins, a California clothing company, have created a unique line of jeans that aims to capture American style. The Dyer & Jenkins clothing line is designed, developed and produced […]

Cedar Seneca Flagship Tote Giveaway

image (6)

Cedar Seneca is a collection of American made designer accessories. Their duffel bags, totes, ties, belts, and hats are available through their online marketplace or storefront in Baltimore, Maryland. Kyle and Derek Fiacco, two brothers with a vision for creating high quality American made goods, launched the brand in 2012 by introducing a collection of […]

Handmade in America Holiday Gifts Giveaway


Handmade goods are among the most personal, thoughtful and meaningful gifts you can give. A handmade gift is the product of the time, talent and energy of an artist creating something they love.  The American Made Holiday Gift Guide features many handmade gift ideas that can be purchased online. Buying handmade can be one of the easiest ways to […]

Unique American Made Gift Idea: Bamboosa Lap Log


Many people enjoy using tablets and e-readers. Although these tech devices are not yet made in USA, luckily there is an eco-friendly option for an important accessory made in America. The Lap Log  from Bamboosa is the ultimate tablet stand. This flexible stand can be used while relaxing on the couch or bed, working at your […]